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Editing – Removing Excess Verbiage

I was recently asked a question on this site ‘how do you edit a book?’ This is an important question in a world where people seem to say before they think.

Do You, As an Author, Need Your Own Web Site?

If you wrote a book, you need your own web site. It is easier than you think and not that expensive.

The Problem With Writer’s Groups

There are writer’s groups everywhere. They are informative, fun and encouraging for new writers. However, there is one thing lacking in almost every group, in my opinion. Very few writers actually follow through and get their works in print.

Author’s Perspective: Are Random Book Ideas Really Random?

Experienced and would-be authors are on constant alert for book ideas. Random ideas may come to you at odd times. You may pursue these ideas or discard them after some thought. When an idea comes to you out of the blue, you may think it is random, only to discover the opposite. What are the sources of random ideas?

3 Steps to Gaining Book Publicity for Independent Publishers

Self-publishing a book might be a hard nut to crack but it is not impossible. It requires a lot of time and effort on your part, but then, doesn’t everything successful does? Whether you take the traditional route to publishing or decide to self-publish a book, marketing and book publicity is in your hands. It doesn’t get any easier either way for aspiring authors, but self-publishing offers more pros than cons, provided you are dedicated to make it up the success ladder.

How to Prepare for a Radio or Television Interview to Publicise Your Book

Getting your book publicised on radio or television gives you instant “celebrity” status and a larger audience than you would have in a book store or library. While many authors feel a bit starstruck (or terrified) it’s essential to do some preparation before you go live on air. Here are some tips to help you prepare to get fantastic publicity for your book.

Self Publishing? Make Sure You Host a Book Release Event!

You deserve the recognition and so does your amazing work. Once you have your book published, make sure you host a book release event.

Writing Advice: Is It Worth It to Self-Publish? One Question You Must Ask to Decide

Have a book you want to write? Trying to decide if you should self-publish, or not? Wondering what the fastest, cheapest, easiest way to get your book into the hands of readers is? Following is one question you should ask — and answer — before deciding if independently publishing your book is right for you.

Reading Your ‘Writes’: Creating Publishable Ideas From Reading What You Have Already Written

A writer’s job is to create interesting material that is publishable. What if you can’t think of any good ideas? Reading through old notebooks, journals, diaries or, even ancient computer files can give you ideas for producing good written works.

Self-Publishing Advice: Do You Earn More Writing Fiction or Non-Fiction eBooks?

Have you ever wondered, “Hmmm, I want to write this book, but I don’t know if it will sell. Is it better to write fiction or non-fiction? Which sells better? I don’t want to waste my time writing if it’s in the wrong niche and not going to sell.” Following is some insight on which sells better — fiction or non-fiction — from a self-published author of almost 100 eBooks who’s written in both genres.

The Self Publishing Experience – A Guide to My First eBook and Print on Demand

This is my experience with self publishing my first book. It includes tips, tricks, and processes that may help you develop, write, and publish your own.

Breaking Into Kindle Fiction

Self publishing on Kindle is extremely popular among many first time authors because the traditional publishing has a number of barriers to entry. There have been a number of writers who have made the move from self publishing to gaining contracts with traditional publishing companies, so the two needn’t be exclusive to each other.

Why Self-Publishing Is One of the Easiest, Possibly Most Succesful, Home Businesses to Start in 2015

Do you like to write? Have you ever thought about publishing a book yourself? Does making money online selling your words intrigue ou? If you answered yes to any of these questions, indie publishing may be for you. And the best part is… it doesn’t have to cost you one dime to get started. Yep – you can start for free! Read on to find out why this is one of the most exciting, possibly lucrative, home-based businesses you can start this year.

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