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The Perils of Pricing a Self-Published Book: Pricing Tips for Maximum Profits

Have you dreamed about writing a book? Getting your book into the marketplace has just become easier than it ever has been in the history of writing. For the first time ever, you can pen your prose and publish to the world at large in about as much time as it takes to bake a cake (Okay, maybe a little longer). Gone are the days of traditional publishing: writing your book proposal, shopping for an agent, pushing your manuscript to 47 publishing houses, signing away your copyright (and the bulk of your revenue), hiring a publicist, and running the grueling circuit of a PR tour – all for the glory of being a “published author.” There’s no more need for a middle man when it comes to publishing your cherished work. Or is there? Book pricing is only one aspect of tapping the publishing professional’s expertise, but it is certainly one of the most important. To see both sides of the pricing coin, read on.

Top 5 Trends in Scholarly Publishing

The Digital Age has made it imperative for scholarly publishers to evolve in the way they create, review and disseminate content, be it in the form of a book, article, journal, research paper, report, etc. The digitization of content along with speedy technological advancements is redefining scholarly publishing as we know it.

Extending the Life of Your Writing

Writing does take time and often time is really limited, especially when you are writing your next book, spending time marketing your current publication, and trying to juggle research and family life. Whew, even the thought of it makes me tired. Do you ever feel that marketing is so time-consuming that you cannot possibly do a great job doing all that is required?

How Do You Get Published?

If you’re a beginning writer, you may wonder if you’ll ever get published. But it isn’t difficult to make this happen. Just try one of these methods and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a published writer.

Top 10 Editing Tips for Your Final Draft

You’ve read all the great editing books, went through the manuscript at least a dozen times, fixed the largest gaping plot holes and checked your grammar (manually). The beta readers have even given their blessing. Think your epic novel is finally ready? Before you hit the send button, check out these ten pointers to ensure your novel is really ready for publication.

Don’t Expect A Publisher To Edit Your Work

Have you ever read an article or book that really should have been edited, and wasn’t? Even professionally published books may lack quality editing at times. The reasons are discussed in this article.

7 Avantages of Self-Publishing Your Book

If you are looking into self publishing then this post might be just the thing to help you decide if it is the right decision for you. It is becoming a very popular way to get your writings out there. The internet is growing all the time and with that there are more opportunities open to us. In this article you will find some basic self publishing benefits

Why I’m an Independent Author

Whenever I meet someone new, the social contract kicks in and someone inevitably asks, “So, what do you do for a living?” Or some equally trite equivalent.

Self Publishing Companies – How They Can Help You

Anyone who has ever tried it will tell you that achieving success with self publishing is not quite as easy as some would make it out to be. If it was, there would be no need for self publishing companies to assist people who want to self publish their own work.

The Advantages of Self Publishing

Self publishing may not be for everyone. For many writers, however, it is an option that makes perfect sense. While not always plain sailing or a walk in the park, the advantages of self publishing are significant and hard to ignore.

My Self-Publishing Journey

I published my first novel on Amazon Kindle at Christmas time. This was the culmination of about five years’ work at some financial cost. Most aspiring authors want to know how to get published, make money so they can live in the south of France or a tropical paradise and write books while sipping on margaritas.

Ten Reasons For Becoming An Indie Writer

After all else fails to find a literary agent or publisher, you can still become an Indie writer and author. This article will show you the way.

Even the Best Writers Need a Proofreader

Even the best writers, authors, and academics need their work edited and proofread. Sometimes just one or the other but often both. No matter who you are or what you’re working on, you become very familiar with the work because it is your labour and becomes personal because you have put time, sweat and tears into it. You care about it being outstanding because you want that commendable grade, the good job, the outstanding reputation; you want a piece of work worth publishing.

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