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Two Ways to Self Publish Your Books

Writing books can be a rewarding hobby. For some, this passion for writing has become their main source of income. Why not?

How to Become An Author of Best Selling Works

Being an author or writer is such a rewarding career. You get to let the people know your ideas, ideals, and inner thoughts. You get to share what is inside your mind through your writings.

Can You Create Your Own Science Journal or Technical Publication?

With the advancements in the internet, it has become more possible than ever to publish your scientific papers. With digital open publishing systems, now it is quite possible to publish your findings in an online science journal. Unlike classic scientific journals, online journals are usually created with an open access policy, so that anyone can read it without subscription.

High Maintenance Authors: Authors Need to Be Tech Savvy, or Risk Being Annoying

Today, any author who wants to sell some books needs to know how to navigate the Internet, how to use a computer, and how to stay up-to-date with modern technology. That doesn’t mean an author needs to run out and buy an iPad (although it may mean that someday soon), but it does mean authors must learn to be self-sufficient or find reliable computer support from a trusted person rather than badgering publicists, book reviewers, editors, and printers with simple computer questions.

How to Add ‘Bestselling Author’ to Your Resume

The ultimate goal for most authors is to be able to add bestselling author to their resume. This article will give you a few pointers on how to do just that.

Branding And Publishing Strategies

Today, publishers are looking more to cut back on the amount of titles they release and focus their marketing clout and expenditure on extracting as much as possible from the branding of high-end authors. That doesn’t mean mainstream publishing editors aren’t open to new authors with an original book or voice. It just means the playing field is getting a little less hospitable.

Is Publishing a Possibility for You? What You Need to Know to Be Published

The publishing world is changing. Many articles one reads about publishing, whether on the internet, or in magazines related to publishing, reflects this uncertainty. If you are considering publishing your article, or novel, or novella, you need to become aware of the current publishing trends. Traditional publishers have been challenged by the electronic world. Electronic publishing has become the norm due to many devices available today. There, one can download hundreds of books, and need never visit a book shop. You will find a niche for your book or story when you do your homework. In fact, many authors have self-published with companies and found success-a few even to becoming millionaires. Usually these authors have paid their dues and have multiple books to offer. Publishing is a possibility for you, and your becoming aware of current trends can lead to success.

Five Helpful Ways to Market Your Indie or Niche Publishing Efforts

The best marketing is free. You can generate a buzz about you and your books or products using the below five steps. These steps help brand you as an expert and increase sales. They won’t cost you anything and are the core ingredients to viral marketing.

Why You Should Write and Publish Your Books

Books are an excellent and inexpensive way to reach your target. Whether or not you want a career as a writer, or you want to launch your products through writing, your book will launch you.

How to Publish Your Own Science Journal?

A science journal is one of the most important milestones of proper research. It is not possible to document the various developments in science and technology unless you are able to publish in a scientific journal. This article will be particularly useful to those who are asking on how to start your own science journal.

How Do Christian Authors Writing to Christian Audiences Relax?

“Sacrilegious and blasphemous!” called out a group of Christians as they vehemently protested an art exhibit featuring the controversial image of Jesus Christ with a wooden penis. Weeks before, the same group of Christians saw nothing wrong with the controversy about Catholic bishops who received funds from the state-run charity agency for the purchase of SUV and other vehicles – the controversy that deeply wounded the Catholic Church considered by the people as shepherds struggling to love them like Jesus the Good Shepherd.

E-Publishing of Articles

Writing articles and publishing them online has been never so easy. Free article publishing web sites are abundant today. Quality e-publishing websites accept articles and publish them only after following strict rules regarding originality and content.

How to Publish a Novel So People Will Read Your Book

Have you ever wanted to know how to publish a novel? Do you already have a novel that is ready to be published? Aspiring authors have lots of ideas for books they can publish, but most people don’t have the first clue about marketing a book or getting it professionally published.

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