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Promoting Your Book Through the Internet

It is not good enough to be an author alone. You would need to be a good marketing person and be able to promote and market your book too. This is a part of the job of being an author.

Getting a Book Published – The Most Important Question to Ask Before You Make Publishing Decisions

A seasoned writing coach advises on the types of publishing/self-publishing services you will need. Based on your goals and expectations, you learn what is required and avoid wasting time and money on expensive publishing packages you do not need.

Everything You Need To Know To Get Your Book Published

There are plenty of options to find book publishers. You can look at the books that you own, the books in your local library, or the books in your local bookstores. Make note the publishers and perform a standard internet search with their names. Next, look for a section for writer’s guidelines. You can also perform a generalized standard internet search, such as with the phrase book publishers.

The Ins and Outs of Self Publishing Your Book

When self-publishing, you can be the author who is doing the hiring for editors, cover artists, publishers or printers and distributors. On the other hand there are self-publishing businesses or companies that are dedicated to produce or sell your book or CD.

Creative Way to Promote Your Books

Authors in this time we are living in always have to be constantly thinking about any and every creative way that they have at their disposal to promote their books. It can be writing articles, audio media or even social media networking web sites. What they need is an approach that will be prolonged and always being utilized by the target audience.

How to Answer Initial Interview Questions

INTERVIEWERS have one favorite question, or variations of it, that startle most applicants: It could take the form “Tell me about yourself” or “Describe who you are” or “What can you relate to me that is on this resume which is too long I do not have time to read it”. Of course, they are not interested in physical dimensions or birth circumstances or global location or in anything else not related to the position being aspired for.

Get Your Book Published and Sold – 12 Great Author Web Sites for Promotion Ideas

It’s never too soon to think about your author web site or blog. Check out these 12 authors’ web sites for ideas and inspiration.

Self-Publishing Or Traditional Publishing – Which to Choose?

There is a lot of questioning by upcoming authors about whether to get an agent and look for a traditional publisher or to self publish…We now have the technology for short runs of books, so that anyone can publish their material. This availability has opened up the publishing world to anyone who can get their thoughts down on paper. What does this mean for you as an author? What is the difference between traditional and self-publishing?

Ten Steps to Selling Your Book at Your Web Site Or Blog

It’s easier than ever to feature your books on your web site and blog. Learn how to add a fantastic slideshow in 10 easy steps.

Advantages of A Literary Agency

The advantage of a big literary agency firm is that they probably have a rolodex of thousands of established contacts in the publishing world who can easily get your book into the publishing house if the book is of any quality. The disadvantage is that these agencies usually prefer to work with established best selling authors where they, the agency, will get the most commissions for their effort.

Traditional Publishing Versus Self-Publishing – 6 Critical Points to Consider

A seasoned writing coach advices writers to know their goals and expectations. Then consider the critical differences related to acceptance, control, upfront costs, turnaround time, book store presence, promotional and selling, and royalties.

Book Layout Tips for Authors

When authors finish their books, they may have ideas for how they want their books to look; however, too often authors either over-communicate with their book designers, or they fail to communicate clearly. Here are some tips for preparing your manuscript so it is ready to go to your book design/layout person without your driving him or her crazy. Rewriting Before, Not After, Layout Do not send your book to your book designer until you are absolutely sure it is finished.

The Elements of a Successful Career in Self-Publishing

As an author, the most important person in your career is you. Self-publishing takes writing into a higher level since it’s you who will spearhead every single detail that makes up your book marketing campaign. However, you should learn to choose a number of allies who will help you all the way to your book’s launching.

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