Blaire White Tells Joe About Her DMT Experience

How to Hire a Good Editor

A big mistake self-published authors make is to try to save money by doing the editing and proofreading themselves. No author should rely on his own editing or on that of his niece, the college English major. Hiring a professional with experience editing and proofreading is necessary before publishing a book.

Can You Be Successful With Print on Demand?

While many first authors find themselves turning to the print on demand publishing option, others cite making such a choice committing literary suicide. The last thing you want to hear after you have spend the last several years compiling what you believe to be the next great novel is that by choosing print on demand means you are killing your literary career before it really got off the ground. While that may be true in some cases, or many cases, it doesn’t necessarily have to be yours.

On Agents

When I was in high school, I heard about an agent named Swifty Lazar, who could sell something plagiarized off a soap label for a fortune. I wanted him to be my agent. But I settled for G.

Should You Publish Your Own Book?

Questions about self publishing: Should I publish my book through an established publisher? Isn’t publishing a book a long, expensive process? Aren’t print on demand books of poor quality? How much money can I expect to earn?

How to Succeed at Self Publishing

Self-publishers may think that their books are the equal to books from traditional publishers. But in the marketplace they may well lose out to books that are better produced and less expensive. Here’s how to turn this disadvantage to an advantage.

How Print-on-Demand Book Distribution Works

The process by which books are put into a print-on-demand and digital printing system, how they are ordered, and how they are delivered is covered. This quick introduction to the subject is of interest to authors and other people who want to self publish a book. Digital printing and print-on-demand distribution have made book publishing faster, easier and less expensive than ever.

Tips For Getting Educational Textbooks Published

The process of getting educational books published is one that is very challenging indeed. Educational books are an essential part of the learning process and as such the millions of students and pupils around the world have created a market worth a lot of money.

Self Publish Your Memoir

Writing your memoirs leads to the question, “How can I publish my own book? I’m looking for a quick, easy, and cheap way to self-publish.” Book publishing print on demand is the answer.

Write and Publish a Book For a Family Event

You can self publish a commemorative book for a family event quickly, easily, and cheaply with print on demand technology. A book of photos and appreciations is the most thoughtful of gifts.

Importance of Business Letter Creation

As the population increases, job seeker also increases. It is a common thing now a day that the companies are asking for a resume and cover letter to be sent online.

How to Make Your Book a Bestseller – By Harnessing the Incredible Power of Internet Marketing

There has never been a better time to become a bestselling author. Use these powerful strategies to help your book climb the bestseller lists in just ONE day!

How to Self Publish a Book and Financially Survive

Have you wanted to self publish a book but do not know where to start? The first step is to determine your market, then the cost, followed by the decision on what your book is worth and at what price it should be sold. Do not allow emotions to get in the way of sound judgment that will spell your financial demise.

A Simple Blueprint For Book Publishing

The book publishing process begins long before you actually start writing your book. It begins with a fondness of reading. Most often you read those books that are interesting to you. You find books you enjoy reading and books that seem to confuse you. As a writer you dissect each type of book in your mind. Those you enjoy reading help you determine that which works; those that confuse you help you determine that which does not work. You read for inspiration and you read to discover what you should avoid in your own writing.

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