Blame Modern Diets, Not Genetics, for Your Crooked Teeth and Breathing Problems

Pros and Cons of the KDP Select Program

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing platform offers e-book publishers exclusive marketing and promotion tools as members of its ‘Select’ program. But, is membership a good idea for your e-book? Discover the benefits and restrictions and make an informed decision.

When and How to Index Your Book

If you find a traditional publisher for your book, odds are that doing the indexing will be part of the deal. When resolving whether to index your book yourself or to allow your publisher to do it, keep in mind: A badly done index is worse than no index at all. You should guarantee that the publisher’s index will be up to your standards before allowing them to handle this important task.

Kindle Publishing Best Practices

Kindle owners have certain expectations of the way ebooks look and function. Following a few best formatting practices, you can publish your own ebook that can stand alongside anything available from the big New York publishing houses.

Your Books Are All on Kindle – Now What?

This morning I completed re-formatting the last of the nine novels I am converting from digital to hard copy. (You know the old saying; what goes around comes around). Seven of these books were first published as paperbacks, then to digital on Kindle, and now back to hard copy on the Amazon self-publishing facility, CreateSpace; triple whammy if you like. What is particularly pleasing is the first two titles are already selling in small numbers and that is just a few days after uploading them to CreateSpace…

Three Cover Design Secrets for Drawing in Readers

Great book covers compel readers to grab and buy the book. This feat is a veritable art form in itself. Often, either authors take this matter for granted and spend little effort to ensure it looks artfully compelling, or worse, they take matters into their own hands and do the artwork themselves. This would be okay if they really know what they are doing. Often, the DIY approach proves devastating to first-time authors without enough book cover art experience.

Finding the Right Literary Agent for You!

Have you been thinking of finding a literary agent? Someone who will sell what you write? It can be difficult finding an agent who will take you on. That’s because every agent won’t want to sell what you write. Instead, agents want to find authors who write what they know they can sell.

Video Promotion Tips To Boost Your Kindle Book Sales

If your Kindle title will be published in the near future, or it has already been released, having the right marketing strategy is critical. Fortunately, there are some effective techniques which can be easily implemented, to get the word out about your new Kindle title.

How To Win The Publishing Game

Publishing has always been a pretty bizarre business. But with the advent of POD, then the e-book revolution and Social Media Marketing, it’s crazier than a three-ring monkey circus. And for those folks trying to break in-via any of the avenues-it can just be plain big-bang chaotic.

Why Every Author and Publisher Needs A Blog

Blogs are fairly easy to start thanks to the numerous blog tools and publishing platforms that you can use for free. Maintaining a blog is also a breeze and you don’t need to be computer programmer to manage your content.

Four Steps to Better Book Blog Traffic

A book website maybe one of the most cost-effective marketing assets a book author can have. It can be a launch pad for author-reader interaction which is probably one of the most rewarding relationships authors can have with their readers.

Print a Book and Check It Off the Bucket List

Have you ever wanted to print a book? Be a published author? Be a celebrated writer cruising the talk show network scene, rubbing shoulders with celebs who beg to write the foreword to your next book?

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

So, you are ready to submit your novel to perspective literary agents and publishers for their consideration. Putting together submission packages can be costly. While there are some literary agents and publishers who accept submissions by email, there are those who will only accept hard copies.

Trials and Tribulations of a Self Published Author – My Experience and Advice

The article is about my experiences as a self published author. I have published books in both the UK and US.

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