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Top Reasons Self-Publishing E-Books Is So Popular

Once upon a time (wink), if someone wanted to self-publish a book, they had to get ready to spend some big bucks and lug the books themselves to independent book stores in hopes they would sell a few copies. Now, thanks to the e-book revolution, it costs far less to get a book published.

Self Publishing Is Growing Thanks To E-Books: Is That Good Or Bad?

Self-publishing is growing at an enormous rate thanks to the digital age. Now it is easier than ever to have your book published. It’s a boon for both published and non-published authors. But what about readers? How can they know that what they order is worth the money? The quick answer is: they don’t.

Using the Internet As A Tool To Publish And Profit From Your Book

There are quite a few ways that any author can go about profiting from their original short story or novel. E-books have made it much easier for virtually unknown authors to have their book published and marketed to a crowd that might actually be interested in purchasing and reading your book. Although the quality and content of your literature is still important, it has become much easier to have any informative book or compilation of articles easily published and distributed across the internet.

How to Publish a Paperback and E-Book Cheaply

There is now a relatively inexpensive way to publish your books as paperbacks and e-books. Paperbacks and e-books now complement each other. It has been suggested that even though the markets are different, you will still sell substantially more paperbacks if distributed properly. The CreateSpace production and distribution methods seem to me to be the way to go for so many reasons, not the least being that this method is a cost-effective world-wide means to sell your paperback and e-books. Paperback production is based on a system called ‘print on demand’. No more having to have a large number of paperbacks printed to save on individual book costs and then paying large amounts to self market your texts, or for even more outlay paying some professional marketing firm and then having to find a distributor, etc.

A Few Lessons Regarding Being Self-Published and Not Self-Published – The Publisher’s Life

You would think that being able to avoid ever dealing with the self-publishing life would be a good thing, but I have to say, self-publishing was the best thing I ever did. So far, I have mostly been sharing how I started out as a publisher and part of that was becoming a self-published author. I have talked about the uncomfortable feeling most authors feel when having to “admit” they self-published.

Becoming an Author – How to Write a Book and Get It Published

If you have a way with words, and are prepared to tackle this book writing task with discipline and intelligence, you, too, can write and publish a book. There are tricks to getting a book published and none more powerful than finding ways to appeal generally, to push the right buttons and pull the right strings.

The Modern Easy Way Of Publishing Your Own Book

Many people these days aspire to be the next bestselling author. Hence, the thousands–even millions–of websites and blogs that serve as some aspiring author’s means of “testing the waters,” so to speak. But turning manuscript into book publishing gold has never been easy. It takes real talent, and a knack for doing things right.

The Publisher’s Life – “Who Published Your Book”

As a beginning author and a beginning publisher, the most dreaded, insecure question you can be asked is: “Did you publish it yourself?” As I wrote in the previous article, sure, being self-published leaves you in good company and there is really nothing inherently wrong with it.

Will the Current E-Book Craze Topple Publishers As We Know Them?

Are the major publishing houses we love and revile about to come tumbling down, undermined by a million e-bookers? Yes, says Smashwords’ founder Mark Coker, “there’s a revolution afoot.” No, says Berrett-Koehler’s David Marshall, the new publishing houses will just be different and better. The odd man out, publishing consultant Peter Beren, thinks the traditional publishers will not only survive, they will probably just absorb the current e-book craze and crazies.

Global EBook Awards: Winning Authors Wanted

Dan Poynter and the Global eBook Awards Team is providing an incredible opportunity for published eBook authors to gain exposure and publicity for their work. If you’ve been working on something and you’re close to finished, or have a fantastic outline you are ready to run with or you’ve been editing like there is no tomorrow – act NOW!

The Book Publishing Revolution Is Here, Viva La Revolution!

For Expert authors of non-fiction, the publishing revolution can start with YOU. Instead of waiting to see what happens with the changes in the publishing world, you can BE the change you want to see in the world!

How To Make Money Publishing Your Own Book

If you’re an expert author who is writing a book proposal hoping a major publisher will pick it up, you can make 200 times the money per book. Do this with just one client by writing group mentoring business programs based on your expertise.

So You Think Self-Publishing Is a Joke? Not So Fast

What do Henry David Thoreau, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, and even William Blake all have in common? Yes, they were each self-published. If you were going to choose some remarkable role-models these folks wouldn’t be the worst ones you could choose.

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