Colion Noir: Politicians Make Gun Policies Based on Movies, Not Facts

5 Things To Consider When Publishing An E-Book

Having an e-book published is a great accomplishment especially for self-published authors. But what are some specifics to consider as you pursue this option? Do you need an ISBN? Is DRM an option? Here are 5 things to consider.

Self Publishing: How Much Does It Cost?

Whenever you think about self publishing a book the subject of cost always comes up. But self publishing isn’t a one-size-fits-all process, so you need to have a budget in mind and know how much of the work you can do or how much of the work you want to do yourself. So let’s look at your options and the cost.

Should You Sign That Book Contract? Part One

The first time I was offered a book contract, I left footprints on the ceiling after my happy dance. After years of writing and polishing my novel, and another year of rejections and situations where I came close but left disappointed, I finally had papers in my hand certifying that somebody wanted to publish my book. Considering this momentous occasion, I took more than a day studying each paragraph and wrapping my head around the legalese before making my decision. In the years following, after I took on the position of acquiring books for a small press, I realized some writers are so excited by the prospect of a contract that they may not read it completely before signing. This, naturally has led to problems.

Self Vs Traditional Publishing: Two Sides of the Coin

Publishing is the dream of every aspiring author, but deciding which publication path to follow can be harder than writing the book. Listening to two authors who chose different paths provided insight into both types of publishing, self and traditional.

Writers: Tips to Getting Published

Trying to get your work published can be a daunting experience. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned with those who have their manuscripts ready, but don’t know where to begin.

3 Ways to Systematize Your Writing and Move Your Manuscript Forward Fast

Is your book project stalled? Tackling that unfinished manuscript can seem a daunting task. Approached systematically, taking you and your book from just begun to happy and done is often easier than you think. Here are three systems you’ll want to put in place to move your manuscript forward fast.

Choosing the Right Self-Publishing Company

Getting a book contract with a publisher is getting more difficult. Today you don’t need to seek a traditional publisher to see your book in print. You can self-publish and make a living from it. There is no blueprint to the path of being a successful author, but with the right tools and knowledge, you can do it without any outside help.

Popular Kids Publishing Companies in India

A write up on the Popular publishing companies in India. Publishers are based out of India and have a strong readership.

Self Publishing – How It’s Changing And Creating Millionaire Self Published Authors

Publishing companies used to pay very low royalties to authors – usually only 10% or less. But self publishing means authors can reap all the profits themselves. And producing eBooks means 100% profit. And it’s not just authors who are enjoying the eBook revolution. Readers too now have access to millions more books, and with ereaders, they can travel the world and take their whole library of books with them everywhere they go. Many authors have now become self published millionaires and the list is still growing. Read on to find out how you can join them.

Rejection Letters – Learn From Your Mistakes and Become a Better Writer

As a writer, it is almost a given that your dream is for someone to notice your talents, realise your natural flair for words, and agree that your work is worthy of gracing the shelves of bookstores worldwide. Before you achieve that dream however, you have to let publishers know you’re out there. And that means writing letters, which in turn, if you’re lucky, means receiving replies to those letters. And more often than not those replies will be rejection letters.

Why Do Self-Published Books Cost More?

I got an email from an old friend yesterday. He promptly informed me that he did his part supporting my first novel by purchasing it online. In the same paragraph he writes, “$17.95? A bit pricy for a newbie, don’t you think?”

Market Your Short Story: Make It Short

One of the best ways to market a short story is by making it short. Short roughly translates to 3,000 words or less, or 10 pages double-spaced. For some writers, this might seem difficult. However, there are some inherent benefits. If a writer keeps these in mind, cutting down the story won’t seem so bad.

Print Magazines Cutting Back Publishing – Accelerated Spiraling Decline Inevitable

Okay so, as most of you know I am an online writer, and I have to constantly have input in order to produce the abundance of content that I create. One of my favorite things to do, and if you are also an online author or article writer you might try this yourself; I go down to the very large bookstore in our town, sit in the coffee shop a couple of times a month, and go through stacks of magazines on various political, scientific, popular, and niche topics. Now then, I’ve made some observations, and I’d like to bring…

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