Comedian Ron Funches on How Using a Vision Board Changed His Life

E-Publishing: Should You Publish Your Book As An E-Book? The Global Numbers Game

What are the benefits of publishing a book digitally? Should you even bother if a traditional publisher has rejected your work?

Self-Publishing for the First Time Author

In this article, I share my personal experience about self-publishing my first book. This article addresses the learning during the first week.

Should You Be Worried About E-Book Pirating?

One of the fears associated with e-book publishing is piracy, and the associated loss of potential income. But should this really matter? What is more important for an indie author? Exposure, or money?

E-Book Opportunities for Publishers, Agents and Marketers

The e-book revolution isn’t just a great opportunity for writers. Other partners traditionally involved in publishing, such as Publishers, Agents and Marketers, can also benefit greatly.

How Much Money Will You Earn From Your Writing?

“How much money can I earn from writing?” This is a question that I get asked often. Sometimes I wish I had a definite answer like $10,000 a month. That would be great wouldn’t it if you could earn $10,000 every month from your writing? But how much money are you really going to earn?

5 Lessons Learned About Self-Publishing

Thinking about self-publishing? The idea can be daunting, but it is nowhere near impossible. Here are some tips to help you through.

Self-Publishing: The Pros and Cons

Many unpublished writers wrestle with the dilemma of publishing; do they keep hoping for a deal from a traditional house, or do they go it alone? It’s a big decision with a lot of complexity, but here’s a look at the main advantages and disadvantages.

How to Market and Sell Your Own Book

Once you’ve written and published your book, whether it’s self published with options like Kindle and CreateSpace or published with a traditional publisher, there’s still the matter of actually selling it. Unless you’re a big name, established, author then marketing your book is pretty much down to you. These tips will help you to get the most sales from your new book.

How to Self Publish Your Own Book

Back before the internet started taking over our lives, it used to be difficult and expensive to self publish a book. You had to find a publisher – figures vary but it took J K Rowling at least 9 different attempts before Harry Potter came into print. And vanity publishers took advantage of this by charging large amounts of money to get your book published.

How Much Does It Cost to Self Publish a Book?

As with lots of things in life, there is no straightforward answer to the question of the cost of self publishing a book. If you’re on a tight budget, the good news is with the advent of platforms such as Amazon Kindle and its printed counterpart, CreateSpace, the price to publish can be as low as zero. Excluding your time, of course. But that’s always assuming you can do every part of self publishing your book yourself.

How Long Does It Take to Self Publish a Book?

With modern day solutions such as Kindle and CreateSpace, it’s never been quicker to self publish a book. Sure, you have to write your book in the first place, but once you’ve done that you can actually be published and available to sell in as little as a day or two. Whether your book is available electronically on devices like the Kindle or even if it’s available in printed format.

Defining Genre Based on Age: What Does It All Mean?

As a parent, I’m always on the lookout for great books for my kids. As a reader, I love to find a fantastic new author with whom to fall in love. As an author, Co-Owner and Marketing Director for Daring Books Design & Marketing, I’ve taken an interest in how books are classified, especially for younger readers. The fiction genres for adults are pretty clear-cut. There’s literary fiction and genre fiction and you find what you like within those choices. Some like to mix it up with a little of this and that, but whether you’re looking for romance, horror, magic, science fiction, or a thriller, you generally know what you’ll find within your genre. For the under 18 reading crowd (and those of us who write for them), it’s not so simple. When does a child graduate from Goosebumps Horror books for young readers to real horror that would give grown men nightmares?

One Year to Your Published Novel: A Road Map for Authors

Getting published in one year is not impossible. With proper planning and focus, you can be a published author by the time you are dreaming up your resolution for 2013.

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