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How to Publish a Book: Key Differences Between Publishing and Self Publishing

If you’re considering writing and publishing your own book, you must know the key differences between self publishing and getting published. There are advantages and disadvantages to both that you must be aware of.

Getting Published Is Different For Everyone: Two Paths Among Many

Different reasons people may want to write, and different options for getting their writings published.

For Beginners: Ten Ways To Prepare To Get Published

Steps that writers should take to help them write a book and get it published.

Short Story Techniques That Get Writers Published

A checklist for short story writers. Pointers on how to prepare your short story for publication at literary magazines and literary journals. Techniques you can use to get your short story published.

Publish It Now! No Matter What It Is

Many people, some very good writers, simply give up. Today, we live in the electronic age, and the process for writers has become amazingly simple; it’s just that most writers still don’t realize it. One incredible tool can change your approach to submitting and, ultimately, publishing your work. All writers need Writer’s Market — not the old hard back book, but the online version with the same service.

7 Steps to Successful Publishing

Find out everything you need to know to publish your own book and profit. Follow the true path to success and profit from authors who have actually succeeded in self publishing.

The Publishing War

Looking for a publisher? In North America, there are hundreds of thousands of people who dream of becoming a published author. They write in their spare time, on their days off and well into the night. Most of them, however, are reluctant to step into the ‘war zone’ that is the publishing world.

Publish Your Novel on the First Try

Rejection. This scary word plagues virtually every writer this side of John Grisham. It stops many writers in their tracks and often leads them to a new line of work. If your one of the millions of Americans who have a passion for writing and dream of seeing your novel on the shelves of Barnes & Noble and Borders Books, don’t let fear of Rejection scare you off. Follow this simple formula, and you can publish your novel on the very first try.

Book Publishing Contracts For Writers: What Should I Look Out For?

Curious about what kind of terms show up in a typical publisher’s contract with a writer and what they really mean? This must-read article steps through all the important clauses of a book publishing contract, explaining the gotchas and risks associated with each clause, along with suggetions on how to negotiate those terms and what alternative terms are more fair to the author. This article is written by an author who has published sixteen books!

Does Becoming a Published Author Enhance a Business?

While publishing a book is an advantage in some instances, it can be a disadvantage in other instances. There are parameters that need to be followed for successful publication, and there are certain requirements that must be met for successful publication.

Sick of the Traditional Publishing Path?

Avoid the myths of traditional marketing and get real information from a professional book coach of 20 plus years. As an author’s advocate, I step out of the traditional box and encourage you talented writers to do so too.

Ten Days to a Publishable Poem

While there is no perfect plan to create incredible poetry, there are literally hundreds of possible techniques that will help you achieve your goal of getting published.

What Does It Take To Make Your Memories Into Publishable Memoirs?

Why should you consider creating a memoir of your personal experiences for publication? Who would want to read your life story?

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