Dr. Deborah Soh Takes Issue with Gender Science Denial

Compelling Reasons Why You Should Self-Publish Your Book

Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to get into self-publishing a book. Why? Well, just look around and see: tablets are now in mass production, connectivity is global, and people are more inclined to spread what they know rather than keep it to themselves.

PDF vs HTML Newsletters: Newsletter Format and Design Ideas

Are you looking for ideas on HTML vs. PDF newsletter format and design ideas? When starting to publish your own newsletter for the first time, this is a natural common question to ask. Find out more…

Self Publishing With CreateSpace

Do you want to self-publish and distribute your books? Definitely, self publishing is the most alluring endeavor for every author. However, many authors just fail in their quests. There may be numerous reasons for their failure but choosing a correct platform for self publishing is one of the most essential aspects.

How to Keep a Historical Figure Like Winston Churchill Pumping Out Modern Day Quotes

Winston Churchill was an interesting man who lived in interesting times. It would be hard to deny that from a historical perspective, and we all know the adversity that the English went through during World War II. Those were some hard times, and some tough people, and they prevailed thankfully with the help of the United States and the Allied forces. It is fascinating how many of Winston Churchill’s quotes have survived over the years, and are replayed as quotes of motivation and wisdom today.

Just Published and Quickly Running Out Email Notification Strategies

The other day, I received an email alert about a book that had just been published, and it turns out it actually hadn’t been published just yet, but it had just been finished and was in the final stages of being printed. The email explained that I could get an advanced copy by merely going to the website of the publisher and ordering one. I would receive a special price and get the book 2-weeks prior to it being available in the bookstores, but I still wouldn’t get “my copy” in the mail for up to 2-weeks. Okay so, this is a one-month lead time right.

Why Self Publishing?

Are you planning to get your idea into a printed book? Do you think that it is one of the greatest achievements in your lifetime? Certainly, in this endeavor to publish a book, a publishing company can be an astonishing partner. The publisher contributes important role in targeting the perfect work and markets with the writer on writing the best book possible.

Does Google Scholar Need An Algorithm to Determine the Date of a Research Paper?

There have been several algorithms written which help identify authors based on their writing, researchers can determine a sex, culture, or psychological displacement by words in their works. Researchers can tell if the author or writer of a particular article or piece is angry, psychologically disturbed, or even depressed. These are obviously great tools for the Internet, especially when government agencies, law enforcement, or intelligence services are going through the hordes of data and information being put online each and every day.

How to Write an eBook That Sells in 2013: 3 Tips From a Successful Self-Publisher

I’ve been writing and selling ebooks online since 2004. To date, I’ve published over 50. There are some definite changes I’ve noticed in the self-publishing game. If you want to know how to write an ebook and make sales nowadays, following are three of the biggest to take note of.

Success Case Study In Publishing – Auto Detailing Magazine and Trade Journal

Many years ago, oh it’s been perhaps more than a decade, I met a gentleman who ran a small trade journal like publication in the auto detailing industry. I was immediately amazed at his integrity level, and he really worked hard at what he was doing. The name of the publication was Mobile Tech News and his sister publication is Detailer’s Digest. Kevin Halewood still runs the paper and he’s weathered economies both good and poor, never missing a beat.

Query Letters For Literary Agents – You Can’t Afford to Make Mistakes Here

Don’t write one of the many query letters that immediately go into file 13 everyday. Your query letter is a direct reflection of your writing abilities and sets the tone for how your new book will be perceived by a potential agent or publisher. You can’t afford to make common mistakes.

5 Surefire Tips to Help Prevent and/or Overcome Writer’s Block

Ah, writers block. The mere mention of it will oftentimes clear out a room of writers faster than if you’d told them said room housed the bubonic plague. While most of us don’t honestly believe that writers block is contagious or anything, some do still believe that the mere mention or thinking about it can help to bring it upon you when it would otherwise have stayed far, far, away.

Step-By-Step Outline for Writing and Publishing Your First Kindle Book – Part One

If you’re not very creative or don’t know how to do anything more advanced then copy-pasting some things inside of an image editor software, then you’re going to want to outsource to not only a freelance designer, but preferably a freelance designer with a specialty or propensity for creating eye-catching, intriguing or just plain amazing to behold-style Kindle book covers. Yes, it may cost a bit more than you’d originally wanted to spend, but trust me when I attempt to climb upon the nearest rooftops and shout out to you the importance of this particular step when it comes to the sales (and subsequent overall success) f your first Kindle book.

Engage The Readers By Avoiding Overdone Or Overused Cliches!

As it has been in the past, there are lots of writers nowadays who make use of cliches in their work. To most of them; cliches, regardless of how many times they are used, are good mostly due to the fact that people recognize these cliches.

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