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How to Create a Newsletter With Microsoft Office Publisher 2007

This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the basics of how to create a newsletter with Microsoft Office Publisher 2007. Microsoft Publisher 2007 is an excellent software program for creating custom newsletters.

I’ve Finished Writing My Book – Now What?

It’s finally happened. You took that wonderful idea of yours and put it down on paper. You’ve spent hours perfecting your work, making sure that your ideas flow smoothly and that your message is clear. And now, at long last, the manuscript is complete. You would be amazed at the number of people who make it to this point and then have no idea how to proceed. If you are one of those people, have no fear. This article is just for you.

Getting Your Book Published: 10 Reasons Why You Should Self Publish

You’ve a decision to make. Should you self publish your book or try and use a publisher? In this article we discuss some of the reasons to go the self-publishing route and the implications.

Getting Your Book Published: 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Publisher

One of the difficult choices some authors must face is whether to publish their books themselves, or be accepted by a publisher. In this article, one of a series of articles on getting your book published, the focus is on the benefits of being taken on by an established publisher.

Self Publishing Secrets: How Print On Demand Publishing Works

How POD or print on demand publishing works. Tips and advice on print on demand publishing for self publishers.

2 Overlooked Places to Search for a Publisher

There are as many ways to find a publisher as there are ways to write a book. Unfortunately we are bombarded daily with a lot of information which can seem overwhelming at times. But if you’re seriously in search of finding a publisher for your hard work whether it is written, sketched, photographed, or artistically drawn, your best bet is to start at the beginning.

How to Publish Your E-Book for the Amazon Kindle

It’s easier than ever to get published. Find out how you can turn your manuscript into an ebook and list it for sale on the Amazon Kindle marketplace.

You’re Writing a Book: Should You Self Publish or Use a Publisher?

Should I use a publisher, or should I self publish? It’s a question both established and new writers ask every day. In this series of articles we’ll discuss the issues in depth and cover the pros and cons of each.

Get Published! Why Aspiring Authors Need a Great 8 by 10 Glossy Photo

It’s okay to be a first-time self-help book author as long as you don’t act like an amateur. This article explains why it’s important to include a good quality photograph, that was taken by a professional portrait photographer with your self-help book proposal.

Indie Books – The Next Big Thing in Publishing

What are indie books? They are books that have been published outside of traditional publishing channels. Authors generally pay for all the production and printing costs of the books. These authors retain copyright ownership of their books and therefore keep more of the money from the sale of their books. Industry elitists believe that books published outside of the traditional publishing channels are inferior. As much as I hate to admit it, they are very often justified in that belief. The problem is that many authors cut corners in an attempt to keep costs to a minimum. These short cuts will generally result in inferior quality books.

Get Published! Thrive in This Economy by Writing Self-Help Books

If you’re one of the 10% of Americans are unemployed, or small business owners who are hurting for customers or service providers having a hard time finding paying clients – writing a self-help book may be the answer to your prayers. This opportunity is great for several reasons: Publishers are looking for new authors; you don’t have to write a complete manuscript because you can get a contract (and an advance check) with only a proposal; you can attract more customers and clients,; and on top of that, you get to help thousands of people through your books.

Who Needs Traditional Publishing Anymore?

Why spend years of frustration and rejections to get your book published and out into the world? For the unknown writer, the traditional route of high profile publishing houses can be slow. It is hard to keep your confidence and spirits high with multiple rejections. Self-publishing is growing in popularity and acceptance today and is a viable option for writers to have a book to sell in much less time than with traditional publishing.

Leaving a Legacy Through Writing

Writing and publishing a book can be one of the most satisfying goals you achieve in your year. Books have the power to make a difference in this world today but also leave a legacy when you are gone. Books and their messages will continue to be available not only for purchase but for impact and influence even when you are no longer living.

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