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Does an Author Need a Literary Agent?

If you dream of becoming a best-selling author, you will need to hire a literary agent. Why? Major publishers only talk to literary agents.

Playing the Publishing Game: Simon Says

As if writing the book wasn’t hard enough, trying to submit to publishers can be a grueling experience. This is a plea to the publishing world to standardize and a bit of encouragement for prospective authors who know that’s unlikely to happen.

How to Publish Your Kindle EBook in 5 Easy Steps

Learn how to publish your own kindle eBook in five easy steps and join the ranks of other six figure self published authors. This guide explains in a simple step by step format how to publish you own book on the popular kindle platform.

Benefits of Self Publishing

After writing a book, an author will have to decide whether she would publish it traditionally or self publish it. Most authors would just share their book to friends and family or post it on a website and have their book downloaded, for free!

Kindle Self Publishing: A Dream Come True for Authors

Once you have finished writing a book, it is only natural to find a way to publish it and sell it if possible. However, if this is your first time trying to have your own writing published, then this may seem like an overwhelming task for you. So before doing so, make sure to take some time and do a little research about it. You should know that finding out how to have your book published should not be stressful, as there are various options available for you. You can have it published by taking it to a publishing house or you can do this online using Kindle self publishing.

A New Author’s Guide to Book Publishing

One of the biggest dreams of an author is to get his book published. Finding a publisher that will show immediate interest in your book is an obstacle though. You will have to follow the policies and procedures of a publishing company to have your book considered.

The Day You Get A Book Published

The day you get a book published, the transition from being an un-published author to a published author you would think is fairly sudden, but it isn’t really like that, or at least it wasn’t for me. My first contact with a publisher came in the form of a phone call from an editor from one of the three publishing companies who eventually became interested in my book. I don’t remember much about the initial conversation, except that he said that they liked the book, and it was going to be discussed at a meeting.

Should I Self-Publish Or Try The Traditional Route?

If you have exercised the self-discipline and come through the frustrations and obsessive ‘tweaking’ necessary to have written a book, then congratulations! It is important to remember how many people try, start and get nowhere with their efforts. The question is, now that your work is complete, what are you going to do with it?

How to Handle a Negative Review of Your Book

It happens to every author eventually. You may have your name or book titles set up in Google Alerts to monitor publicity, and a link appears to a review of your work. Nervous and excited to know somebody actually took the time to buy, read, and review your book, you click through to read but your spirit soon plummets. Somebody has indeed read your book, and not only didn’t like it but decided to let the world know why.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be an Indie Publisher?

If you are considering indie publishing (self-publishing) here are some thoughts for you to consider. As someone said, “it ain’t easy.” It isn’t easy, but the rewards are worth it. Join me in becoming a proud indie publisher.

Is My Idea Really A Good Idea For A Book?

I receive lots and lots of queries and questions regarding the idea of a what makes a good book. People want to know if I’ll accept their book idea for publication. How do I know what is good or not? How should an author know if they have a good idea or not?

Digital Vs. Physical: Print Books and Physical Presence Being Replaced?

As digital pictures posted online haven’t done away with physical photographs and paintings to appreciate in physical settings, electronic books cannot totally replace or do away with the need for printed books. Also, emails and text messages are an addition to, not an ultimate replacement for, face to face interaction. A digital world doesn’t replace the need for the physical one; we, as humankind, can and should continue to leave room in our lives for both.

Self Publishing – How To GET A Book Published Yourself On Amazon Kindle

Sick of Waiting to Hear From the Publishers? How to publish a book yourself on Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing.

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