How Rickson Gracie Learned to Overcome Fear

ePublishing Options Today And How To Self-Publish

If you are considering publishing an ebook, you may be asking yourself these questions. What is the most cost effective and easiest way to go about creating an ebook? After it is created and published, where will I go to distribute it? How much will I make from my ebook?

How To Engage Your Website Visitors And Make Them Participate

There are many good advices learnt in English high school classes, which you can now put to a good use and make outstanding and engaging content. Motivating website visitors to participate and take action is one of the hardest goals and takes quite a bit of writing skills honing.

Self-Publishing Vs Small Presses: Can Your Publisher Do More for You Than You Can Do for Yourself?

Certain stigmas are still attached to self-publishing that lead many authors to seek traditional publishing routes, including with small and start-up presses. Such a decision can be detrimental or at least not as successful for an author as self-publishing a book and marketing it on his own. A small press that will not promote a book as well as you can promote it yourself is not worth signing a contract with, despite whatever perceived prestige being traditionally published may have.

Best Self-Publishing Companies – What You Should Know Before You Write a Book

How can authors know who the best self-publishing companies are? If you are publishing your first book, you know there is a lot of planning and preparation involved before you publish your book. It can be very difficult to know how to begin if you have never published a book.

Authors Beware! What You See and Write In Word Is Not What You Get

Here’s the heads up: what you put down, page-by-page in your Word document/pdf may have little to do with what it looks like in the formal book layout. So, don’t make yourself crazy in trying to format things in the future.

Why Write A Book? Let Me Count The Ways

At any given time, you will be in a group of people. If you say you are an author, or working on a book, expect at least three-quarters of them to say, “I would like to write a book,” or “I have an idea for a book,” or “I wish I had the time to write a book,” or some variance to the theme.

Traditional Vs Self-Publishing

After you have poured your blood, sweat, tears and a dash of red wine into your manuscript, you now have to ask yourself the big girl question, “Should I self-publish or shop for a publisher?” (Cue dramatic music and lightning sound effects) With all the new technology and random news stories about how some new author made millions of dollars selling their self-published ebook for a penny, it all may have you believing that self-publishing trumps the traditional publishing option 100% of the time. And that is simply not true.

8 Things You Should Know Before Publishing With an Online Print on Demand Publisher

Over the years, Print on Demand (POD) Publishers have grown in popularity. These companies can take all of the responsibility for preparation and printing off your shoulders. Some even offer marketing support. Many authors like the idea of “one-stop shopping” you can get through one of the POD publishers. They also offer a “seemingly” more affordable way for new authors to break into publishing.

EPUB Conversion – Why You Should Convert Your eBooks to the EPUB File Format

Digital books are overtaking physical books. Most popular books these days are converted to the EPUB file format. This article explains why you should include EPUB conversion in your eBook production process.

How to Write and Sell EBooks More Quickly Online

Ebooks are a great way to communicate what you know. They’re convenient – there are lots of different formats that you can publish them in – and they’re timely, without the inherent delays involved in publishing a book that’s printed onto dead trees. So how can you write and – more importantly – sell ebooks more quickly online?

Self Publishing Your Novel – A Critical and Practical Review

Want to know what your options for publishing are? Here’s a practical review of the pros and cons of self publishing as another option to the big publishing houses.

Scientific Research Plagiarism Is Mostly Ignored

Scientific plagiarism in both research and science journals is widespread and rampant. Given many scientists preference for more widely available supporting data for their discoveries, human nature has worked to prevent major crackdowns on the unethical practice of scientific plagiarism.

EBook Conversion for Kindle Devices – Why You Need It

This article discusses eBook conversion for Kindle devices. In particular, it explains why you need to make e your eBooks are available in the AZW Kindle file format.

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