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Write a Book, and Publish It Fast: 3 Easy Tips

Do you want to write a book and publish it? It can be as easy as one, two, three, with these three easy tips. The first tip, describing your ideal reader, and your book, sets the foundation for your publishing success.

Hiring Editing Services

Whether you are going to self-publish your book, or you are trying to secure an agent to represent the book for you, it needs to be edited before you can submit it. Readers want to see a polished book when they are reading it, and not one that has many typos and spelling errors. Not only that, but what you present to your readers reflects back on you.

6 Publishing Tips for Writers

A short list of five publishing tips for aspiring writers. Includes a list of online business tools and resources for writes in the resource box.

How to Find the Right Editor for Your Book or Article

Whether you have written a book or an article, the editor makes changes to your manuscript based on his or her experience and language skills-not just the rules of grammar and punctuation. A professional editor always keeps in mind the target audience, the author’s intention and the author’s voice.

Authors: Use Alliteration for Illumination of Your Book Title

Alliteration is a very useful literary tool. Alliteration is simply defined as the occurrence of the same letter or sound at the beginning of adjacent or closely connected words and also the repetition of an initial consonant sound, as in “a peck of pickled peppers.” Incorporating alliteration into your book title can help people remember your work and it will stick out in people’s minds.

Should You Print More Copies of Your Self-Published Book? Or Is This Madness?

You’ve already handed over your hard-earned cash to a self-publishing or print-on-demand company and your book has barely been on sale for a a week. Now you’re being offered an extra print run at a greatly reduced price. Here’s why you should think twice…

Holiday Writing Tips for Aspiring Self-Publishers: 4 Ways to Stay Focused and Not Lose Time or Money

The holidays are right around the corner. And, like dieting, that means that a lot of those new to self-publishing may give up on their regular “nose-to-the-grindstone, stick-with-it” programs and habits. If this resonates with you, following are four tips on how to stay on track with your writing – whether it’s finishing that non-fiction novel or getting out your first how-to ebook for your online business.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Outsource Your eBook Creation

A short list of reasons why it is worth outsourcing the creation process of an eBook. How it can improve chances of sales, improve readability and establish credibility.

What If Someone Steals My Great Book Idea? Publishing Advice for Authors

Authors sometimes worry about their book title or idea being ‘stolen’ or used by someone else. There are steps you can take if you’re worried… but these anxieties are often unfounded…

How to Get Published – A Comparison of Traditional Versus Self Publishing

The book publishing industry has gone through an extreme makeover in the past couple of years. This has included the advent of the eBook and more recently the arrival of the eBook readers and the Amazon Kindle. With these developments has come an abundance of opportunities to people who felt they had a story in them and wanted to get published.

It Won’t Sell In Mali (Why Publishers Reject Your Submission)

“Go away, we’re decorating Christmas trees”. Reasons why publishers reject your submission – and what you can do to improve your chances.

How to Publish Your Novel and/or Your Non-Fiction Book

How to publish your Novel and/or your Non-fiction Book Everyone has one book inside them, so the saying goes. And, generally, this is assumed to be a novel. This is, I suppose, because a novel is entirely fictitious, and comes from the imagination, and most people, certainly by the age of maturity, have had enough experiences, and have enough memories, to enable them to write at least one work of fiction.

How A Book Is Born

This is my story about living with a Naval Historian and author, Dudley Pope, our adventures in the UK, Italy and later in the Caribbean aboard our yacht Ramage with our young daughter, living the life of our dreams and a lot of hard work. When my husband died, my friends were so patient with me and gently explained that I was suffering from “the crazy widow’s syndrome”. I hope my story helps others that my adventures and perspectives interest readers of all ages!

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