Joe Discusses Wine Fraud Documentary “Sour Grapes” with Maynard James Keenan

The Ten-Part Journey to a Completed Novel – Part Eight of Ten

Beginning to write a novel armed with nothing more than an idea and a blank page can be a daunting prospect. Some writers choose to arm themselves not only with a good idea, but with an outline as well. This particular author chucked the outline about 14 chapters into the writing to set the characters free. Now that the writing and editing are finished, it’s time to launch into the publishing and marketing phase that makes up about three-fourths of the effort involved in writing a novel. Enjoy Part Eight of the unfolding drama of what one writer discovered along the way while writing book three in a series of novels.

The Best Way to Get a Book Publishing Contract

Looking to get a book publishing contract? Still writing novels, query letters and submissions hoping to be DISCOVERED and whisked away to a life of literary success? I’m sorry, but that’s not going to happen.

Lay the First Stone of Your Self Publishing Venture With Seven Productive Steps

Self publish your new book successfully in the competitive market with the help of prominent self publishing book companies and useful tips. Experience great book sales in a short time.

The New Era Of Earning Money

If you are confident that you are a good writer, you need not depend on anyone else for validating your work. This will be evident from the traffic that comes to your website or blog. If you find a heavy traffic on it then you should automatically infer that your work is good and that you can set your terms to work for clients. If you happen to check any of the freelance sites including elance, or odesk or for that matter, freelancer, you will see that your skill of content writing is heavily in demand on these sites. This is because we are living in an age where content is king.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Self-Publishing

Over the years, self-publishing has become more popular than traditional publishing as many writers rely on these new methods of getting their books published and sold to the masses. Although self-publishing has its benefits, there are also some problems that one should be aware of so that one would be able to realistically set their goals and achieve their objectives.

8 Questions to Ask Your Editor

Your editor will become your new best friend over the next few months as you write your best-selling book. Take advantage of their knowledge and expertise, but keep in mind these 8 questions to ask your editor to ensure success for you and your future as an author.

Sharing The Grief of Loss of Pet Can Help Overcoming The Deep Emotional Crisis

Those having pets at home become so habitual of them that their absence creates a void in their daily lives. However, it’s a hard fact that the life span of dogs and cats is too short, as they generally survive for 10-14 years, and we cannot escape from the grief of losing the favorite pet someday.

Five Benefits of Summer Submissions

Book promotion is best done in the summer through international book fairs. Do a good publisher search, and enjoy an effective book promotion.

Getting Your Book Published, Psych!

Are you tired of the frustrations associated with trying to have your book published only to be rejected by existing book publishers and literary agents. Are you fed up with the self-publishing book industry and its expensive rates and lack of customer service? This article helps to break down the process of self-publishing and identifies many of the do’s and don’ts that will help to guide your publishing journey. Self publishing done the correct way can be joyful and fulfilling.

Aspiring Writers Live Your Dream

I have been to quite a few writing conferences and workshops. I knew there were people sitting around me who did not understand the content because they still had the idea of writing a book floating around in their minds.

Things to Consider by Children Books’ Authors

Writing Children Books is not as easy as some writers think. Actually, kids is the toughest audience an author will cater to.

8 Tips to Getting Published

Too many writers struggle with the task of getting published. My road to publication was slow and messy. but the good news is I made it! You can too. I have some tips for writers who want to avoid self-publishing and want to find a home in a publishing company.

10 Guidelines on Writing a Great Press Release

Creative Content writing solutions is a wide field provided through various modes. Press Releases, being one of them. Here are a few rules to follow when writing a good Press Release.

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