Joe on Nick Diaz’s Return

Increase Sales With Benefit-Driven Titles

On the night before it’s publication, one of the most famous business books of all time almost got a new name which would have definitely affected its sales. This article includes the story, as well as tips for creating benefit-driven titles that sell.

How to Get Published – A Virtual Sales & Marketing Case Study

It’s difficult to get published – many in the industry say that less than 1% of would be authors receive an offer from a reputable publisher. Last year I signed my first book deal. This posting reviews the virtual sales and marketing efforts which were used to accomplish this. I worked on a book about virtual businesses for about a year and upon the completion of a basic draft, decided to contact some literary agents.

How to Write a How to Book – 4 Questions to Ask When Deciding How to Publish Your Book

So you’re about to write your how to book and teach the world about the things that you’re most passionate about. Great! But it’s planning time and one of the first questions you need to answer is how are you going to publish your book?

Self-Publishing – Should You Do It?

If you’ve written a book, you might be wondering how to get it published. If you’re considering self-publishing, you really have two options. The first is to print and bind a few copies on your own at home. The second is to publish through an online company’s website with something called POD technology. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Self-Publishing With Print on Demand

If you’re looking to self-publish a book, have you considered Print On Demand? Probably not. Many people haven’t even heard of it. Yet, it can be a very valuable tool, especially for a first-time author.

How to Publish Your First Book Using Print on Demand

Congratulations, you’ve finished your first book. It was a lot of hard work. And you probably are glad it’s over. Unfortunately, it’s not. This article discusses what you still need to do if you are going to use a print-on-demand book printer.

5 Questions About Self-Publishing Your Non Fiction Book

Do you have a book you want to write about your expertise. Here are some questions to ask before you decide how to publish it.

Six Steps to Finding a Literary Agent

Almost all literary agents are listed in The Publishers Market Place or LMP, a huge, expensive, 1,229 page volume which you should be able to find in a public library. It contains their actual and email addresses, and a brief description of the kinds of book they represent as well as titles recently placed.

Book Proposals That Sell – Competition Section

Okay. Fess up. You’d love to avoid this section of your book proposal altogether because why bother? Learn tips for making your book topic stand out amongst the competition.

Vanity Publishing – What Does it Really Mean?

There is nothing vane about vanity publishing. Every author has a right to see their project through to fruition. However, vanity publishing falls somewhere on the road between self publishing and finding a publishing house. Where exactly on that road depends on what your understanding of vanity publishing is.

Book Proposals That Sell

How to hook agents and editors… grabbing their attention from your first few words. People in positions of power in publishing are BUSY. While they’re waiting for you to show up as much as you’re hoping to connect with them, anything but a powerful opening could thwart your best attempts. Here’s one of my favorite tricks.

Enhancing Your Personal Brand Through Book Publishing

Recently, I came across an article from Reach Communications Consulting entitled “Three Steps to A Winning Personal Brand”. This article resonates with me because writing and publishing your book is also very much about enhancing your personal brand tool in the market and we can adopt the same steps. In the article, the steps to creating a winning brand are summarised as 3 Es: Extract, Express and Exude.

The First Step to Getting a Book Published

New writers are always curious about how to publish their books. They want to know what is the first step to getting a book published. This article provides the answer.

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