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Where Can I Get Book Publishing Information?

If you are a budding author then you need book publishing information in terms of publishing house details and agents. So where can you find it?

Who Will Publish My Book? Advice & Answers

If you have been writing, you want an audience – whether you feel inside “Its time to publish my book” or even if you have an intelligent, informed, blog. Apparently some are.

Getting Your Book Published – What You Need to Know

So you have crafted a work of beauty, drama an intrigue – it’s now about getting your book published. Here are some pointers as to how to do it.

Publishing Your Own Book – How to Appeal to Publishers

If you are thinking about publishing your own book, how do you get it done? And is it worth self publishing?

The Secrets Behind How to Get a Novel Published

If you have wondered how to get a novel published then it has probably dawned on you that the creative writing process is only just the start. Once you have a completed work, then your first challenge is to write a “query letter”.

A Self-Publishing EBook Website

Nowadays, self-publishing is more possible than ever. Thanks to the Internet, the small time author can write and publish their first work with no outside help.

The Rise of eBooks in the Digital Publishing World

Think back to a time before the internet. It’s hard to imagine now that our lives are surrounded by it, but there was a time when we didn’t rely so heavily on technology. Now we can reach the internet on cell-phones and access it with our laptops almost wherever we go. Believe it or not, there were e-books when the internet first started becoming popular, but they were not practical at the beginning.

The Growth of Digital Publishing

The growth of electronic publishing has introduced readers to new methods of accessing reading material. Once with the only option of reading on a computer screen, there now exists an emerging market for technology associated with digital publishing. For example, in its August 30, 2009 edition, Publisher’s Weekly reviewed a dozen devices specifically designed for reading electronic text. Although relatively new, this synthesis of technology and the written word has only begun.

Online Publishing – The Future

It used to be to get something published you would have to find someone who was willing to review your material and then decide they wanted to publish it for you. There are many categories in which someone can publish something online. The most obvious are books, which you can now write and put up for sale at a number of online publishing websites without needing any professional services.

You Can Make Any Book a Bestseller!

If there is a single motivation that informs most authors it is the desire to see one of our works become a genuine bestseller. I’ve had the privilege and it is a heady, if not lucrative experience. I’ve also published books that have garnered disappointing sales. What’s the difference? There are several factors that auger well for a title. It should be timely. It should appeal to a clearly identifiable audience, and if it has a sharp angle on a topic, it can rise to the top. But even more important is promotion, says this top international keynote speaker, best-selling author, and popular radio and TV commentator.

Self-Publisher’s 5-Minute Guide to Copyright

Self-publishers need to understand what copyright registration is designed to do, and what it does not do. In this article, a few minutes reading will give you some basic principles of copyright law.

Query Letters Editors and Publishers Love – Don’t Sell Yourself Short

If you are writing a book, a film or television script, or if you wish to see your articles published in a magazine or newspaper, then the importance of a query letter should never be underestimated. A well thought out query letter that can grab the editors or publishers attention is a crucial part of being published. Following are some tips you can use to spice up your query letters.

How Can a Child Publish Her Own Book?

I would highly suggest a self-publishing, print-on-demand company. I have used before and can vouch for them from personal experience.

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