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How to Get Book Published and Join the Other 291,920 Published Authors

Every year writers try to answer the question “How to get a book published? The year 2006 saw 291,920 writers successfully answer the question of how to get a book published. That’s the number of new titles released in the United States, according to Bowker, the world’s leading provider of bibliographic information.

How to Get A Book Published – The Competition is Tough in The Book Publishing Industry

It’s an uphill battle to get your book published. Here’s why.

Book Publishing – Frequently Asked Questions About Book Publishing

Writers have many questions about book publishing and how to get their book published. These answers pertain to traditional commercial book publishing and not self-publishing or vanity/subsidy publishing.

Common Publishing Mistakes Authors make

Sometimes it is not easy to change the disadvantageous situation authors create for themselves by doing things in publishing without preliminary planning and researching. Some common publishing mistakes are discussed in the article.

How to Choose Publishing Companies

What are the most important criteria to take into consideration while choosing help in independent publishing? So many things to consider before starting…

Publishing or Self – Publishing

It will probably come as no surprise to you that these days it is very hard to publish a book. How can we authors publish a book in the face of this current unsatisfactory condition?

How To Get Published- The Eight Steps Success Plan For Writers

Learn the eight steps success plan for how to get published by becoming an excellent writer.

The Inner Workings of Magazine Publishing

This article talks about the protocol that is used for making a magazine.

The 7 Levels of Publishing – Part Two

Previously – in Part One. The First Level of Publishing is to print one copy. The Second Level of Publishing is when you receive five copies. The Third Level of Publishing is when you want 50 copies.

How to Hypnotize an Editor-6 Tips for Getting Published

Getting published is not the easiest feat, and it helps to wiggle your fingers, empower your words and send an editor into a literary trance. Not easy, but doable. Continue reading to learn how…

The 7 Levels of Publishing – Part One

Why would any struggling author want to risk the ritual humiliation of submitting their works to Traditional Publishers when there is a new and modern alternative? If we begin to consider the 7 Levels of achievement in publishing in a challenging and thought provoking way, it might be possible to come up with another route to success.

Editor’s Report on Getting Your Article Published

Writing and submitting articles is a time consuming task, but one that can reap huge benefits if done properly. Do yourself and article editors a favor and follow these tips to get your article published and read.

Self Publish Your Book – You Will Need to do Most of the Work Yourself Anyway

Not too many years ago the only way to get your book published was to send a manuscript to a large publishing house and hope they liked it enough to publish and distribute it. Even then, there was no guarantee of success because the publishing houses did little or nothing to promote a book unless it was written by a well known author or likely to garner some impressive sales. Whether it might have been in the best interest of the publishing house to promote a book did not seem to matter, advertising dollars were only pumped into those works…

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