Julianna Pena on Beating Amanda Nunes

Self Publishing Book Content: How To Create It Effortlessly

To start with, every day you answer email, write proposals, letters and all sorts of communication that contains your expertise, experience and special skills. What’s more, all this valuable stuff is neatly stored in both your computer hard drive and in your email account.

Publishing Myths: True or False? Five to Start

Myths often cause writers from taking the next step toward publishing. Examining some of the myths may give courage to authors.

10 Winning Habits of Frequently Published Writers, p2

Have you been wondering who will publish your work? The publishing industy is changing in the new millineum and doesn’t appear ready to stop changing. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, 50 percent of all books will be self-published or published by smaller presses…

5 Key Advantages To Starting A Self Publishing Business

There are all sorts of reasons for not starting your own business, the first, of many, being lack of money and uncertainty of its success. But no matter what the reasons are against starting a business, there are just as many reasons for starting one. If the very thought of it leaves you feeling a bit uneasy, the good news is that there are many differences (and advantages) in committing to the self publishing process as a business and starting a traditional small business.

Avoiding Publishing and Agent Scams

Many writers end up with nothing to show but expenses, once they finish a book, because they trusted the wrong person or company. They paid up-front for inflated services and promises never kept.

Fear of Publishing and What to Do About It

You’re almost done with the whole article. You should feel relieved. Instead you feel like you’ve written a bunch of junk. It’s funny, though. At other times you’ve felt that you’ve written something worthwhile. Now, however, you feel the urge to read several more articles, add more footnotes, edit it some more, or check your email. Anything but wrap it up and send it in.

How to Become a Published Writer

Easy and effective ways to become published.

The Dirty Little Secrets of Published Authors – Part I

The common denominator of unpublished authors is procrastination. The reasons aren’t unique; they are ubiquitous. The result is the same: another would-be author with plenty of talent and no book to show for it…

The Dirty Little Secrets of Published Authors – Part II

Procrastination is the common denominator. So how can an author overcome procrastination?…

Now It’s Eight Simple Lessons for Unpublished Writers

Recently updated! Now it’s eight lessons that you haven’t heard before from someone who knows, someone who walks in your shoes (well not literally).

How to Publish Your Book

An article about the best ways to publish your book and concentrating on those who decide to self-publish

Become a Self-Published Web Content Writer

This article is for freelance writers who want to add an income stream. It explains how to self-publish web copy to make money.

5 Tips to Conventional Publishing

So you want to publish your book? Learn how to do it conventionally.

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