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Get Published! Why Every Aspiring Author Needs a Press Kit and How to Put One Together

First-time authors must present themselves as if they’re seasoned publishing professionals. When you include a Press Kit with your proposal, you let agents and publishers know you’re savvy to the self-help book publishing industry. A Press Kit is essentially a great looking folder filled with information that says, “Hey, I may be a first-time author, but I’ve got the credibility and expertise to write and promote my book!”

How to Publish Your Book: The Importance of Having a Good Editor

Self-published authors often fail to appreciate the value of hiring a good editor. This article, one of a series on self publishing, discusses the importance of having editorial expertise to assess your work, identify any flaws and bring them to your attention. Your objective? Produce a better product.

Getting That First Novel Published

Publishing your first novel is like having a baby. It is very very hard. Of course the first novel is an experiment and you have no idea what you are doing.

Few Facts About Press Release Sites

Everyday around the world, there is some important event or the there, about which people need to be informed. There are some important events, about which, the world needs to be informed, and there is some information, about which, a particular group of people need to be informed. Press releases come in to play at such instances. A press release is an event where, some information, which has been deemed to have news value, is announced to the people present there. But, nowadays, thanks to the widespread availability of the internet, one can conduct press releases using press release sites.

About Press Release Sites

A press release is a very important event, in terms of public relations and human affairs. So, therefore, press release sites are equally important in value. In a press release, important information is recorded, or written, and they are directed towards the members of the news agencies. Therefore, any information given out in a press release must have news value. Press releases are immensely useful in terms of public relations, and this attracts the attention of people towards various events. These events can be of any type, such as, announcing the launch of a new product, introduction of new agendas, etc.

How to Prepare for a Press Release

Everything is news today. From the petty household problems to the lives of the celebrities- everything makes it to the pages of the daily. So the reporters do not have the best interest in every proposal you offer him. When you need to market a source, a product, a person, an event or anything at all, the best way to launch it is through a press release. However this only is an option when you consider the thing you are marketing to be worthy of a press release. Now, how to prepare for a press release.

About a Press Release Example

In the world of today, there is something or the other, which is happening all around the world. News is never far, and it is being made in each and every second of the day. A press release is a very effective way of announcing something to the public. In a press release, the people or company conducting the press release introduces some person, or product, to the world, and this is done, only after it has been considered, that, this person or event has some news value. But in order to write out a perfect press release, you need to practice beforehand. This is where a press release example comes in handy.

How to Publish Your Book: Getting Those All-Important Reviews and Testimonials

Great reviews and testimonials help sell books. This article, in our series on self-publishing, deals with how to get reviews and testimonials, and the importance of being persistent when people don’t respond as promised, or as swiftly as you’d like.

Self Publishing Through Third Party Printers

In this piece, I will explain the process of self-publishing a book through a third party printer, and the kinds of things that you should expect based upon my own experiences. This article is not designed to be technical in nature – it is simply a run-down of the publishing process through a third party printer. I personally use Ingram’s Lightning Source, but you can apply these steps to virtually any third party printer.

Aspiring Authors Dream Come True

Barnes & Noble just opened their own e-book distribution company to compete heads-up with Amazon! This is a new author’s dream come true!

How to Publish Your Book: Here’s an Issue for Self Publishers – How Much Should I Sell My Book For?

Pricing your book can be tricky. There are so many factors that can influence your decision. This article, one of a series dealing with self publishing, focuses on the issue of price and what self publishers must take into account.

I’m a Self Publisher and I Need Advice – How Many Copies of My Book Should I Print?

Self publishers are always faced with the question of how many books to print. It’s a tricky question, often depending on whether you want your book to turn a profit, or, if it’s more of a dream to have your book published. Some of the issues surrounding this question are the subject of this article, one of a series on self publishing.

Breathing Fire – Make Fantasy Writing Work for Publication

Learn how you can be a published author, by the end of next year, using simple writing tips that will change the way you think about writing. Have you got a book in your heart just aching to get out? These writing tips will make your dreams come true, just me visit and collect the information.

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