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7 Ways to Fund Your Writing

The image of a struggling artist starving in their cold, gloomy garret as they agonize over their creative masterpiece is familiar to all of us; although I haven’t seen many real estate agents advertising dark, cramped garrets recently – not certain where a writer would go to find one. Still we all understand the pressures of trying to make a living and follow our dreams of writing.

10 Tips to Self Publishing Your Book

Once upon a time self-publishing a book was something that was considered a “last resort,” for those authors who really didn’t have any other options, and wanted to see their name in print. But the field has evolved, and there are good many success stories who have “made it” after self publishing, and even authors well established with major publishing houses that have decided to take a break from working with their publisher and have a go at putting out a book on their own.

New Writing and the Future of Book Publishers

New Writing and the Future of Book Publishers The ever changing nature of technology and exactly how readers access their material is just one of the challenges that must be faced by inventive book publishers. Of course, some deal with these issues better than others. The traditional and established global publishing companies are not always the quickest to adapt to new industry ideas and technological formats.

Should I Use “50 Shades of X” As a Book Title?

Many authors wonder if “50 Shades of… ” is a good title for their book. In some cases mimicking a successful formula is a great idea. In others, it will land you with a law suit. Here are some brief guidelines.

Book Clubs in The Self-Publishing Industry: Are You In or Out?

As self publishing has become the trend among aspiring writers in the world; option like book club has heightened their interests. Publishing a book is interesting especially if authors consider discussing their books among the others in the line.

5 Secrets to Help You to Write a Top-Selling Kindle eBook

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing program has turned hundreds of thousands of ordinary people into published authors. Some lucky authors like EL James of Fifty Shades of Grey fame make millions of dollars every month.

Self-Publishing Profits: 3 Reasons I Never Gave Self-Publishing a Second (or First) Thought

I’ve been writing and selling ebooks online since 2002, but it took almost a decade for me to realize, “Hey, I really have a shot at make a full-time living as a self-publisher.” Following is some insight into my self-publishing journey – and how it can help you become a successful writer – and not take almost a decade to do it.

Indie Vs Mainstream Publishing: A Personal Perspective

Writers today have incredible freedom as to the route they can take to their readers. With all the limits and restrictions placed by mainstream publishers on them, why would an author consider going down that path when the potential for making more money is to be found in self-publishing, or Indie Publishing?

Can You Really Publish A Print Magazine for No Upfront Money?

Yes, you really can publish a print magazine with little to no upfront money. Get the basics for getting your passion in print and into the hands of those who share your interests.

How Do You Define Your Target Market for Your Magazine?

Knowing your target market – or audience – is key to publishing a successful and profitable magazine. Getting your magazine into the hands of those who care about your passion will be the first step in your success plan!

Why Publish a Print Magazine?

There is no great joy for a writer/publisher than to see someone reading their publication. Even better is when your publication is profitable.

The Best Layout for Your Book: Portrait, Landscape, or Both

Designing a page layout can be really intimidating, especially when you’re staring at a blank screen. Where do you start? We’re going to walk you through your major choices and explain the benefits and drawbacks of each. This way, you’ll be able to make the best decision for your content.

Seven Secrets About Commercial Publishing You Didn’t Know

Of course, most of us writers would love to be snapped up by a commercial publisher and be the next John Grisham or Nora Roberts. However, in the real world, it’s very challenging to get the attention of these publishers and, not only be published, but get strongly promoted. You might want to explore the world of print-on-demand publishing.

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