Nancy Pelosi’s Strange Response to Insider Trading Question

7 Steps to Write a Saleable Book

Have you given up on writing your saleable book this year? Don’t throw in the towel yet! I’m convinced you can still do it. You can get started and even complete your short book in a few weeks.

How Do I Get My Book Published? Some Mistakes to Avoid

If you are wondering just how do I get my book published then you are not the first budding author to encounter the minefield of getting a book into print. Here’s some important steps in submitting a manuscript.

Membership Sites – Membership Levels Lead to Profits

The previous articles in this series have explored starting your own publishing empire with membership sites. We’ve discussed where to find content for your site, as well as why and how you want to provide several different types of media, including text, audio and video.

Five Rules You Must Break to Get Published

I belong to a number of online writers’ groups and it is heartbreaking to witness so many dysfunctional rules being propagated and mindlessly echoed that actually deter folks from getting their books published. Most of these maxims can be summarized in one sentence:

Should You Wait For a Traditional Publisher Or Self-Publish?

If you can’t find a publisher for your book, don’t feel bad–it’s very hard to get published by a major house unless you’re famous. However, don’t give up. If you have a message that will inspire, make your readers smile, or teach them a truth that can change their lives, then by all means, self-publish. But only if you have the guts and determination to get out there and promote it.

5 Good Reasons to Self-Publish Your Book

Five different scenarios in which it makes good business sense to self-publish a book for business or personal reasons and who the people are that fit these five self publishing scenarios. Explains how authorities, consultants, authors switching genres, activists, novelists and poets can find reasons to publish their own works.

How Do You Get a Book Published – Some Key Tips

How do you get a book published? It requires some skill, some luck and some patience. Find out more here.

Start Your Own Magazine For Profit and Fun

If others can do it, you can too. And the truth of the matter is that in spite of the naysayers, there are people who are starting up magazines and having success with it. How are they finding success?

Membership Sites – Finding and Presenting Valuable Content

Create your own digital publishing empire by opening and running paid membership sites. This is the third article in a series of articles. Publishers need not be writers, or producers of any content. They need to pull the content together, and this article covers several different places to find contributors, and ways to present that information as text, as audio and as video.

The Death of Print is Nigh Upon Us!

We hear it everywhere. “Print is dying. Magazines are suffering. No one wants them anymore.” In 2006, The Guardian went to press with the title “Google almost doubles profit as advertisers rush online” which caused much nervousness among those in the print media industry.

2009 Big Summer Print Magazine Issues Lacking Substance

Summer time is generally when the magazine industry makes its most profits, and puts out its largest magazine issues. Of course, right now popular consumer magazines have noticed that their advertising revenue is down between 50 and 75%. Trade journals are down another 50% on top of that in advertising, or about 12 1/2% of what they were making when the economy was cooking along at a brisk pace.

It is Hard to Get Published, Sometimes Writing is the Easy Part

Sometimes writing is the easy part and getting it published is the hard part especially if any of your works have not been published yet. It goes the same on anything you have written for. It could be a book or just a poem. You have to be persistent and not easily discouraged.

Working With Book Distributors

Working with a distributor gives you the advantage of having your book accessible to multiple stores across the country. The costs incurred are worthwhile in the long run.

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