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Write Your Way to Profits – The Self Publishing Way

How would you like to write your own book, or guide, and publish it yourself! In this article I’m going to give you ideas on what to write and why self publishing has been very lucrative for many people. Writing your own material can prove to be the most profitable and self satisfying of all. Especially when you write AND publish it yourself.

Basic Guidelines on How to Plan Your Budget During the Pre-Publication Marketing Plan

Self-publishing is business whether you agree or not. Being independent involves a lot of financial investment. As an entrepreneur and a self-published author, it is necessary that you consider ways to utilize monetary investment and generate a substantial return on your investment.

Why Hire an Editor for Your Book?

A good editor is key to publishing a good book. Why do people skimp on this critical area? Read this article to find out why and discover the reasons you should get one for your book.

Starting Your Own Magazine Is Not Impossible

It is an ambitious task to start your own magazine. It certainly is not impossible, and a lot of people have done it. Like most entrepreneurial tasks, for it to be successful it has to start with a plan.

Editing and Proofreading Symbols – Do You Need to Mark Like the Pros?

Although they seem very difficult, editing and proofreading symbols can be very easy to learn and use. All you need to do is find a template of them online or in a book and then learn them and start to practice them.

How To Self-Publish A First Book As Traditional Publishers Run Scared

I spent a great deal of time researching self-publishing. In the process I discovered that most self publishing companies don’t care if you sell books. Your book may get listed and be available through a wholesaler or listed with Ingram, but you still must do almost all of the marketing yourself. You have to get the word out.

Get That Book Published!

Publishing a book can sometimes be an underestimated task. It seems simple- I’ve got a great idea, so I’ll write the book, send it through to a few publishers, choose the one which offers me the best deal, and tell all my friends to buy it from the local bookstore…

You CAN Judge a Book By Its Cover

Your book cover is the most important part of your book. Skimping on the design of your cover could result in a major loss of book sales.

Many Unhappy Returns – Think Outside the Bookstore

If you’re hoping to have mainstream bookstore distribution, using a Vanity Press may present some obstacles. Book buyers will likely tell you, “your book may be excellent, but you’re using a Vanity Publisher and the vast majority of their books are poorly edited. We’d have to read hundreds of their titles before locating a gem. We have neither the manpower nor the time to spend on that endeavor.” While this isn’t true of all Vanity Publishers, it’s true of many.

Self Publishing: Are Literary Agents Seeking Self Published Authors?

Are literary agents seeking to promote self published authors? If they are what does this really mean for the thousands of published and aspiring authors who use this method of publication? Is the industry about to be radically overhauled or is it just more talk?

Book Reviews Are Free and Perhaps the Most Effective Promo You Can Find

Potential readers trust professional book reviews because they realize the opinions expressed are completely objective. While book review newspaper sections are fast disappearing and top reviewers are difficult to obtain, numerous opportunities remain for authors to locate impressive reviews for every category of book.

Substantive Editing Explained

Maybe you are having trouble finding the right words or with word choice in general. Maybe your sentence structure is terrible. In any case, what you need is a proofreader that can help you go beyond the basics. What you need is substantive editing.

The Agency Model: Publishers Gone Wild Or Holy Grail

Unveiling now at a publisher near you is a concept and strategy that is either pure genius or folly depending on how you look at it. Many of the publishers of books, magazines, ebooks, iPad-naseum… are deciding to go all agency on ourselves. What this basically means is that they will set price and dictate within an inch of the customer’s and retailer’s lives how that retailer sells their book and what price that book will be. In the past, many publishers have offered a suggested digital list price to try and persuade retailers like Amazon and others to be Jedi Mind Tricked into posting the suggested price they provide. Of course, retailers have in turn done what they do best which is to totally disregard this suggestion and do what they do ie sometimes use a specific title as loss leader, offering it at deep discounts and paying the publisher 50% of digital list.

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