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Staying on Track When You’re Writing – Some Tips for Writers Starting Out

If you’re a new writer wanting to be a self-published author you are going to need more than enthusiasm to make sure you finish your goal and complete that manuscript. In this article, you’ll read how a self-published author gets the most out of her day.

How Self-Publishing Works

Self-Publishing offers any budding authors the chance to become published without the need of having to go acquire a literary agent or a traditional publisher. Unlike the latter route, this allows authors to be in full control of the creative and marketing process.

Three Important Qualities Self Publishing Authors Need

Becoming a self-published author can be a difficult journey. Just having finished a manuscript is not enough you’ll need three important qualities to turn your book into a great success.

Self Publishing for Beginners

According to a recent study, self publishing has increased by 287 percent in the last five years. If you are considering publishing your own book and don’t know how to get started, this article may help. So what is self publishing? This is the process of getting your work published independently, without the use of an established publishing company.

Query Letter Guidelines

Going for a book deal requires the help of a literary agent. Agents will only look at query letters initially. If a query letter rings the agent’s bell, he or she will ask for a book proposal. A killer query letter is the key to traditional publishing success. It has to be perfect. Following precise guidelines is critical to query letter success.

Publishing – How to Get Your Novel Into Production

With Kindle publishing, Amazon delivers the traffic to your digital product, Amazon does all the selling and promotions, and Amazon takes care of the customers. By doing all the “heavy lifting”, Amazon has opened up lots of opportunities for prospective Kindle authors and publishers to achieve their dream of self publishing a book.

eBook Publishing

Whether your eBook is 5 pages long or 500, once written you will need to push it out to the buying public. This article provides information on the top online eBook retailers out there.

How To Market A Book

People often get stymied when it comes to publishing their first book. They find out it is a long process. They do not realize how much goes into publishing a book. It may take a year to get a book published. You might be saying that is a long time. One thing I found helpful is becoming knowledgeable about the book industry and what goes into publishing. Let us start with marketing. That should be in the fore front of your mind as you need to plan before the book even gets published. How do you market your book?

How To Not Get Your Book Published

Some writers think that to get a publisher to publish their book all they have to do is send an email to as many publishers they can find and one of them will look favourably on their work and publish it. Wrong. Definitely wrong. There is a right way and wrong way to approach a publishing company and that is certainly the wrong way.

Truths About Starting A Blog

Would you like to write a book and tell your story? Would you like to become a publisher? Would you like to retain control of the creative process and not have to depend on others as a writer? Blogging is a great way to get a glimpse of what is involved in writing and publishing your work.

How To Get Published and Why You Should Use Kindle?

Kindle Publishing is the single best thing to come along for book authors in years. Now you can get published no matter what you have written and get recognition for it. If the book is good you could be on the way to a giant self-publishing career with the fans and support you have only dreamed about in the past.

How to Publish Your Book on Kindle

There’s nothing cooler as a writer than seeing your work published. It used to be a bit of a challenge accomplishing this goal, no matter how good your talent or specialized your market. The high cost of self-publishing priced many of us out of that game as well.

10 More Cons Of Self-Publishing

Here are ten more reasons that explain why self-publishing might not be the right thing for you to get into when you are trying to publish your new book. But when reading this list, keep in mind that there is no one right way to get your book published. Therefore, it is important for each writer to consider their own goals, reasons, and resources before choosing to pursue the traditional book publishing route, or the self-publishing route.

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