Olympic Karate KO Results in DQ, Gold Medal for KO’d Opponent

The Double Edged Sword for Writers

For nine years I worked for an online publicity firm for authors. The company was one of the first, if not the first, dedicated solely to online publicity.

Taking the “Spookiness” Out of Ghostwriting

Does the term ghostwriter spook you? Are you unclear about what ghostwriters do and how they differ from editors? Have you wondered how much ghostwriting services cost and how to find a ghostwriter when you need one? This article will shed some light on these and other important issues.

Subsidy Publishing: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

What is subsidy publishing? What are its advantages and disadvantages? What problems can it cause for aspiring authors? Why have some industry practices been called deceptive? This article answers these questions. If you’re thinking about writing and self-publishing a book, keep reading. What you learn could save you lots of money and headaches.

Five Secrets of Finding Your Niche Audience

As a niche expert, you may find traditional methods of marketing do not provide the exposure you need. Sure, you might be a big name in your organization, hobby, profession or club, but the level of specialization will determine the type of advertising and marketing necessary to reach your audience.

What Is Proofreading and How Can It Help Your Job Chances?

Proofreading is by no means an easy skill but it can prove to be an invaluable tool, especially if you love to read and write. There is always work available for a good proofreader as there is no shortage of publications that need content checked and double checked before it reaches the mass public…

So You Wanna Be Published in Education

Writing for publication is work. It means putting in consistent time and effort. Placing books for publication – acting as a literary agent – is work too. It means winnowing out, from among all the offerings sent to you, what seems to be publishable, what will grab an editor’s (and obviously a reader’s) attention, what has the potential to have enough sales so that the cost of production and editorial work is covered and the publishing company makes a profit. What, you thought that the publishers are looking for great literature as their way to self-fulfillment? Guess again.

Literary Agents and Their Place in the Future

The future of book publishing is uncertain; made so by eBooks and the power in the market of companies like Amazon. If publishing houses have lost control, where does this leave literary agents? Perhaps they will need to learn a whole range of new skills to stay in business.

ePublish and Be Damned!

How authors go down the road from traditional publishing to ebooks. And why some will never go back!

Advertising Your Name As An Author – Why You Need A Brand

So you’re writing that novel you’ve always wanted to write and you’re thinking of sending out query letters and book proposals. Or maybe you’ve decided to go the self-publishing route and have your book on Amazon. But stop the presses: Do you have a brand?

The Hair Raising Book Publishing Process

The dark night is calm and you sit on your table worrying about the book publishing process. It is one encapsulated in mystery and suspense as you wrack your head over on how to begin. You have in your hands the makings of a powerful thriller. Perhaps, something that would catapult you to the status of literary rock star. You, of course, begin with the manuscript. Penning a compelling and read-worthy piece should be your utmost priority. While doing so, try getting the calling cards of the magical creatures known as literary agents. They are the keys that would bring you to the next quest – that of finding the elusive publisher.

So You Want to Write a Book! Read These Tips Before You Begin Writing

Thinking of writing an article or a book? Educate yourself about publishing requirements before you sit down to write: You’ll save time and avoid unpleasant surprises later–and your future publisher will be impressed by your professionalism.

Self-Publishing – The Table of Contents As a Selling Tool

An overview on the importance of the Table of Contents. Suggestions for improving the Table of Contents for better sales and reader appeal.

Self-Publishing – What Does ISBN Mean?

You have seen ISBN barcodes on book covers, but what do the numbers in an ISBN mean? Although it may appear to just be a random sequence of numbers, each portion of the ISBN provides information about the book to which it is assigned.

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