Overuse of Monsanto’s Roundup Is Creating Herbicide Resistant Weeds

Where Most Non-Fiction Book Authors Go Wrong

Too often a non-fiction ready-to-go book manuscript really isn’t ready to go–yet. Whether it’s self-published, going through ancillary publishing, or a “big house” has given it the “go-ahead,” it needs one last no-nonsense review (and maybe some adjustment) before it’s launched. Here, a veteran book editor and publisher tells where to look before investing lots of money or time in a “masterpiece” that still needs help.

Five Reasons Why Every Writer Needs a Website

Have you considered creating a website for your writing? Here are five reasons why you, as a writer, need to create your own website. It’s surprisingly easy, fun, and affordable, and you’ll be amazed at how much your website will give back to you and your work.

Literary Agent Search – A New Writer’s Journey – Part I

After nine months of writing and five more months of editing, I was ready to search for an agent. It began with Jeff Herman’s Guide Book to Publishers, Editors, and Literary Agents recommended by people on every side of the publishing world. When it arrived from Amazon, and I noted the overwhelming number of agents to read about, I let it sit on my desk, and keep me company.

Expanding Your Reach Through Digital Publishing

Bottom line: if you have written something worth sharing, and wide distribution can benefit your business, it should be seriously considered. All you need to do, once the writing and editing is completed, is plan accordingly.

Six Common Myths About Hiring a Freelance Book Editor

Misinformation about professional book editing can be found all over the internet. Learn the truth about six common myths, from an industry insider with over 20 years’ experience in the book publishing business as a bestselling ghost writer, coauthor, and editor.

How to Get More Readers?

How to get more customers? And in your case, how to get more readers? That can be a big issue.

6 Essentials Steps to Publication

Having a degree in writing may not be necessary, but there are at least 6 essential steps you will need to take to obtain your goal of publication. The first is learn the craft of writing.

DIY Publishing

Getting published is getting harder and harder, and increasingly more disappointing. As soon as authors adjust to the fact that they have just handed over all editorial control, they find that over-worked editors have limited time to actually edit. Worse, the average publicity push these days lasts two months at most and consists of little more than sending out a news release to various media market. That’s why so many writers are now self-publishing. All print on demand publishing companies, however, are not created equal.

One Way to Earn Extra Cash

The internet is currently flooded with ‘get rich quick’ schemes and programmes for earning money. They are usually designed and presented with a guarantee that whoever signs on only requires a limited amount of skill, effort or time to achieve financial success. Most ‘get rich quick’ schemes appear with very catchy titles, thus attracting a large number of people.

How to Design Compelling Self-Published Book Covers That Sell Books

Your book is completed. You’re ready to enter into the publication process. You’ll need a book cover that says “Pssst! Read me!” The design of your self-published book cover is a key element for your book’s successful sales.

What Really Happens When You Land a Book Deal – Publishing Myths and Realities You Need to Know

For many aspiring authors, the prospect of landing a book deal sounds like the ultimate ticket to success. And while a contract with a major press can come with some perks, there can be some unexpected surprises along the way. Here’s what you need to know to get into the game with your eyes wide open.

The Proper eBook Publishing Perspective

The eBook industry is full of liars and con-men. Don’t get wrapped up in the myths that making money selling and publishing eBooks is easy and/or instant. Finding success is all about what happens in the long term.

The Key Elements For the Inside Pages of Your Self Published Book

The inside pages of your self-published book probably require more decision making on your part than you realized. Having a professional design the inside of the book might make more sense and you’ll learn a lot about those elements in this article.

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