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Why Does Self-Publishing Matter?

Not so long ago, many people looked down on self-publishing as something that authors did when there books were not very good. These days, self-publishing has become a mainstream alternative to searching for a literary agent or publisher. In fact, self-publishing has become very important!

How to Self Publish With Book Publishers

So you’ve written your very first book and you want to make it available to a wide audience; did you know it’s simple to find book publishers in the UK? Today there are many ways in which budding authors can get noticed and become published and thanks to the developments in technology and the internet, the industry is growing faster than ever.

Self Publishing A Book With Ease

Since primarily all of our everyday happenings are based on the internet, it’s no surprise to learn that the internet has made self publishing a book not only a breeze but also very cost effective. Before the internet came about, if someone wanted to publish a book they had one of two options.

You Can Publish Your Own Book

Once available only to the elite, rich and connected, book publishing is now accessible to almost anybody with the creativity to write a book and determination to see it through to publication. One has only to take a trip the local bookstore to realize how many new authors are being published every day. While a few big names stay in the spotlight, countless authors who took steps to publish their own book can also be found. Many have had their print showcased, received rave reviews and writers awards. My observation is that this trend is increasing commonplace with the availability of the internet.

The Importance of Being Ernest About Editing

The day my first manuscript returned from the proofreaders, off it went again, this time destined for the editing process. It wasn’t long before it returned and, to be honest, I dreaded opening it. I stalled for most of the morning and, managed to delay my confrontation with reality until after lunch and, it was more than likely the Malt Whiskey which I had with my coffee afterwards that finally gave me the courage to open the package and begin to read.

How To Publish A Book Using Online Publishers

Everyone has a story to tell! If you want to get your story out there you are likely wondering how to publish a book. The good news is that now it is easier than ever to publish your own book. You do not have to go through rejection slip after rejection slip with traditional publishing houses.

How To Self Publish A Book: A Viable Option

If you are like thousands of educated people in the Western society, you probably have aspirations to write about your area of expertise. Perhaps you have a creative mind and enjoy writing a thrilling and engaging story, or maybe you are a more analytical person and have a great idea for an informational book.

Independent, Local, Business and Making Sense Of Shopping

In an industry focused on words the term independent seems to be flung around like a meteor shower in deep space. Everyone wants to be “independent” these days it seems. But the words and the real meanings don’t all add up.

Proof-Reading a Novel for the Kindle

This article highlights the importance of having your manuscript professionally proof-read and the pitfalls that await if you fail to do so. It also serves to illustrate how difficult, or even impossible, proof-reading of your own work is.

How Do I Make A Book?

If you want to make a book you need to think about how to write. You must have written something worth publishing for you to think about making a book. Do you want to make a hard copy? What kind of book do you want to write?

Why Choose to Self Publish Your Book?

Are you a budding author wanting to self publish your very own book? If so, that’s brilliant news! Self-publishing is now more affordable and accessible than ever with plenty of companies in the UK willing to help you get your book to market.

Should You Self Publish?

In the past years, publishing your work meant a lot of time spent on waiting for your manuscript to get, edited, proofread, printed and be put on the shelves. Although it seems to be a good option to self publish books and skip the part of waiting endless hours until you finally hold your printed material, there are many pros and cons of self publishing that you should watch out for.

Quality Content, Carefully Edited, Beautifully Presented – Top Ten Tips for E-Book Publishing

So you want to join the e-revolution and self-publish your novel as an e-book? Check and see if you’re really ready.

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