Psychologist Describes the ADD Mind State

Expanding Your Reach Through Digital Publishing

Bottom line: if you have written something worth sharing, and wide distribution can benefit your business, it should be seriously considered. All you need to do, once the writing and editing is completed, is plan accordingly.

Six Common Myths About Hiring a Freelance Book Editor

Misinformation about professional book editing can be found all over the internet. Learn the truth about six common myths, from an industry insider with over 20 years’ experience in the book publishing business as a bestselling ghost writer, coauthor, and editor.

How to Get More Readers?

How to get more customers? And in your case, how to get more readers? That can be a big issue.

6 Essentials Steps to Publication

Having a degree in writing may not be necessary, but there are at least 6 essential steps you will need to take to obtain your goal of publication. The first is learn the craft of writing.

Publishing Choices For Writers Series – Introduction

Most everyone feels they have a book in them. Eventually, a small percentage of those people will actually become an author and write a book. It used to be that even a smaller percentage of those who actually wrote a book were ever able to get it published despite the fact that was their goal. There are basically two types of publishers- the traditional publishers and self-publishers. The traditional publisher model has stayed fairly consistent over the years. Self publishers on the other hand, have changed and evolved with the times.

How to Find Book Publishing Services

Every good writer knows that writing a book is one thing but publishing is another thing entirely. There are several publishing houses out there but how do you find them? There are two ways to find book publishing services, but before you begin your search for book publishers, you need to figure out the following.

The New Media and Arts Landscape

The Internet has caused a shift in infrastructure that is affecting all media based industries which also includes many of the arts. We have seen similar shifts in the economic landscape of the past. Many professions simply disappeared as technology changed.

The ebook Revolution

The publishing industry is rapidly changing. Never before have there been so many opportunities for independent authors. Just in the last few years, many e-reading devices have been brought to market.

Impress an Agent Or Publisher With a Masterful Book Proposal

Many consider writing a proposal a lot tougher than writing a book. By following this basic outline, you will be able to prepare a strong, forthright proposal that will likely result in convincing a literary agent to represent your book.

So You Want to Be a Writer?

Being a writer is a dream possessing a lot of people. However, not many people manage to bring it to real life. I had that dream myself and it took me really long before I finally got the courage to make it come true.

Two Roads Diverged – Understanding Traditional and Self-Publishing Differences

Many major print publishing houses have either merged, or acquired smaller houses, and the net result is that there are fewer traditional channels for getting your book published. However, this only means that the nature of the challenge of getting a book published has changed. It does not mean that the challenge has become insurmountable.

Secrets That Publishers Don’t Want You to Know – How to Get Your Manuscript Noticed

How can you make sure that your work stays out of the slush pile? Find out in this article.

Where Most Non-Fiction Book Authors Go Wrong

Too often a non-fiction ready-to-go book manuscript really isn’t ready to go–yet. Whether it’s self-published, going through ancillary publishing, or a “big house” has given it the “go-ahead,” it needs one last no-nonsense review (and maybe some adjustment) before it’s launched. Here, a veteran book editor and publisher tells where to look before investing lots of money or time in a “masterpiece” that still needs help.

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