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How Should You Publish Your Best Seller? A Case Study

For some of us, being a published author would be the climax of a career. Having a book that you created sold in bookstores worldwide is the dream of a lifetime. Imagine being on a best seller list! While traditionally this route has been the one that many great authors have taken, there are several other options now available that will also lead to your continued (and profitable) success!

Twelve Pros and Cons of Print on Demand Publishing

Some advantages and disadvantages of POD publishing.

What Aspiring Authors Can Learn From the 2005 Publishing Year

‘Tis the season for evaluating the year gone by! Over the next few weeks you’ll see plenty of articles summing up the successes and failures in industries all across the board: television, movies, automobiles, retail. It’s no different for the publishing industry. Already the New York Times has run an article examining publishing’s good, bad and ugly decisions of 2005. There are many tidbits here and there in Publishers Weekly as well. While the overall message can seem daunting for an aspiring author (sales down, even some celebrity books didn’t do well), there are a few choice nuggets you can pluck from the dust and use to energize your publishing process for 2006.

Zero Cost Self Publishing

Self publishing can actually cost you little or nothing! In fact, if you’re paying to self-publish your book, you’re missing out on an incredibly valuable resource to make your book a winner.

First Step in Publishing Short Stories – Reading

Writers often want to be published, but they don’t know where to start. To publish short stories, the first step to read many well-written stories.

Getting Your Work Published-A Few Tips

“Editors are extensively trained in the detection crap,” states multi-published author, Bill Roorbach. Well, I took Mr. Roorbach’s words to heart and, sure enough, Barricade Books signed me to a publishing contract. Here are 6 tips that helped me, a novice writer with a ball-and-chain job, during 9 grueling years of writing someone else’s life story. The book is tentatively titled: Thief!

The Profitable World of Self Publishing

It’s great waking up each morning to have sales of my books and manuals waiting there for me on the computer…

Get a Handle on Your Next Article or Book and Get Published

Before developing that article or book, you will need to focus your topic and tailor it to a specific audience. This article explains how to do that.

Feng Shui For Writers – 6 Tips For More Successful Publishing

Writers are a special group. They work to draw up large, tottering buckets from their creative wells and pour out new characters, ideas, situations, and images to delight, inspire, and transform their readers. But what happens to the well when the environment doesn’t support writers? It dries up. Or, worse still, only provides just enough creativity to make the writer confused and uncertain about where to go next.

Online Publishing — The Future of the Novel?

I don’t know why I bothered with that question mark. Of course the internet is the future of the novel. It’s the future of almost everything.

The Published Novelist: Nine Essential Qualities

What does it take to write books for a living? How can you make sure you take care of your gift?

Publish or Perish – It’s Not Only for Academia, Part 2

The journey of being a writer is truly the biggest payoff of all. In the second and final segment of the series we explore different aspects of the writer’s journey, it’s challenges and its rewards and look into the passions that drive us to write.

Publish or Perish – It’s Not Only for Academia, Part 1

If the real reason we wrote was to be published, very few of us would be writing. We write because writing is our passion. We write because we must. This article explores the lie that brings so much heartache to those of us who write: If I’m not published, I’m not a real writer…

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