Rickson Gracie on The Importance of Learning to Breathe

EBook Conversion for iPad – Why You Need It

If you sell eBooks, then you need to include eBook conversion for iPad in your eBook creation process. This article discusses why it is important to make sure your eBooks can be read on iPad devices.

The Self Publishing Process – Important Steps To Take To Ensure Your Book Looks Professional

Your book writing project is completed, in draft form; it has been edited, read through, picked apart and put back together again and you believe further work will just be tinkering for tinkering’s sake. Now what? Are you ready to publish a book yourself? If you have already secured a publishing contract with a traditional publisher (one who places the risk of publishing on their own shoulders, not yours) it will now be taken out of your hands (although publishers frequently ask for changes or additions to fit the work to its potential market). Authors less fortunate in the agent/publisher lottery face the choice of abandoning, or at least shelving the project, or publishing it themselves; a worthy and economic proposition nowadays, if you have your wits about you.

PDF to EBook Conversion – Why You Need to Convert Your PDF Books to EBooks

PDF to eBook conversion is the process of converting documents from the PDF file format into one or more eBook file formats. In this article, you will learn important information about this process. In particular, you will learn why you should convert your PDF books an eBook file format.

How To Format Your Website Content For The Best Readers’ Experience

You have written the content for your website and now the time has come to publish it. However, before you do that, you should carefully consider what font size and type to use.

How to Format and Check Your Kindle Ebook Without Owning a Kindle Device

Before submitting your Ebook to the Kindle Publishing Platform, you should always check how your book will look on a Kindle reader device. Here are 3 ways to do it for free.

How to Write for Fun Part 3

If you like working with the HTML language, then you will surely have fun with creating your e-book. If you are not familiar with HTML, you can still create your own e-book. It may not have all the features offered, but it will be usable.

Successful Ebook Conversion For Sony Reader Devices – What You Should Know

Sony Readers are the third most popular eBook readers on the market, currently capturing about 5% of the reading device market. This article discusses what you should know about eBook conversion for Sony Reader devices.

Author’s Skill Set: Freelancers Must Create Their Own

How do you develop a skill set when you work at home? You start with the basics and keep at it. This article by an experienced author details four skills that authors need.

Good and Bad Ways to Get Your Book Published

The first route for getting a book published I reserve for millionaires, and those who care little for the views of others. Hit the keyboard, waffle on until the word count passes the 70,000 mark, then pay somebody else to turn it into a product that has all the surface appeal of a bestseller – but none of the content. The alarming truth is that the above path is chosen by most writers worldwide, despite the fact they are seldom blessed with bulging bank balances. How could this happen? Getting a book published is the dream many covet, and writers are vulnerable to those who seduce with promises to make their wishes come true. These people are ruthless professionals fishing for writers with fantasies as bait. Their aim: to put the risk on your shoulders – you pay for everything – and, if sales do result (a rare occurrence), they profit from those, too.

Book to Ebook Conversion – What You Should Know

Book to eBook conversion is the process of taking printed books and converting them to eBooks. This article discusses the conversion of books to eBooks.

How to Publish Your Book in the Electronic Wold of Modern Publishing

Like you, I spent a great deal of time writing a book only to find that no one in the Publishing Business wanted to read it. I was wasting my time and money sending my unsolicited manuscript to Publishers and Publishing Agents would not return my phone calls. Back then, I thought the hard part was writing my book not getting it published. Boy did that reality reach up and bite me in the ass.

The Truth About Writing a Bestseller

This article reveals an important truth about writing a bestselling book. The article proves that a bestseller can indeed be achieved on the first try, but most authors are wise not to count on it.

How to Write for Fun Part 2

If you’re like me part of the fun of writing a book is designing the cover. This can be a daunting task or you can go to a free web site and just pick design, add your name, and basic information. View it at full screen and hit “Print Screen” on your keyboard. Copyright is just insurance for when your book is made into a movie and someone else is trying to steal your book. Formatting can also be a daunting task, unless you download a free template. I like to print out my book on my local printer at different stages to get a good feel for how the book is going to look.

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