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How to Self Publish a Book on Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle has revolutionised book reading and book publishing. For readers, there’s an almost infinite choice of books available instantly. For publishers, you get immediate access to the “go to” destination of nearly every book purchaser on the planet.

Too Many Editors?

It’s hard to spot your own writing problems, but editing other people’s prose can be fun. How sharp are your editing eyes?

I’ve Seen the Competition – And It’d Be Me

It must be nice if you are a writer whose words easily flow. At a recent author community meeting, the discussion focused on writer’s block and goal setting. Whether the problem is new material or the edit of material written but not yet ready for submission, this article explores possible causes and remedies.

The Way to Successful Book Publicity Campaigns

An effective and affordable book publicity campaign is one thing that can determine the success of your book. However, most experts also claim that it is definitely not that easy to achieve. For many first-time authors, and even those who are already old-timers, the promotion of a published book is something that can require a little bit of training.

What It Takes to Be a Successful Self-Published Author

You need to follow some steps to be a successful self published author. In this article, you will find the way to be a successful author.

Amazon Kindle Needs a Writer’s Code for a 25-Cent eBook Sale

Not long ago, I went to a college and gave a talk. It happened to be a subject that I’d written an eBook about, and what I really wanted to do was tell all of those students that they could simply go to Amazon Kindle’s website and download my book at no cost, so they’d have it available. After all, I was giving the talk at no cost, and I was there to educate the students. Obviously in a 30 minute talk I can’t give all of my knowledge, there’s just too much of it, at least on this particular topic.

How To Make Money Using Kindle Publishing

Kindle self publishing has provided e-book writers new opportunities to make cash. Amazon’s portable ebook reader is easily the most best-selling one, which means the Kindle ebook publishing choice is extremely rewarding.

Self Publishing – The 3 Biggest Profit Sucking Mistakes Writers and Self Publishing Authors Make!

Self Publishing – The 3 Biggest Profit Sucking Mistakes Writers and Self Publishing Authors Make! (Yes You) Never in the history of the world has there been a better time to self publish. Readers are devouring new books each and every day.

Self-Publishing Profits: 3 Reasons to Write Short Ebooks and Sell Them Online

I’ve been writing and selling ebooks online since 2004. Now that biggies like Amazon and Barnes and Noble have made self-publishing so easy (and profitable!) for many novice writers, there’s no better time to “write to sell,” so to speak. Here we discuss three very good reasons it’s a great time for every wannabe writer to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and bang out short works to sell — including the story of one author who earned over $1,000 in one month — from one short ebook.

Ebook Publishing: Ebooks and Print Books And How You Can Publish Both

Publishing printed books used to be difficult and expensive. Then along came eBook publishing which turned the publishing industry on its head because now publishing eBooks was so easy to do. But did you know that it’s now just as easy to publish a printed book as it is to publish an eBook?

My Kindle Publishing Experience

This article is all about my recent Kindle publishing experience. I will detail how I went about it. It had been exciting and a huge learning curve and thoroughly enjoyable. I will share my thoughts and views about Kindle publishing.

Author Platform: The Indie Author’s Holy Grail Or A Complete Waste Of Time?

Author Platform has been said to be a very important thing for a Self Published Author to build and every Author always like to own one. But can Building an Author Platform Be a waste of time, effort and energy when it comes to using it as a book marketing and promotion tool.

Publish Your E-Book On Kindle First

If you’ve been watching what’s been happening in publishing in recent years you will know that the publication of e-books for handheld e-readers and equivalent software has become a major factor. To get an e-book published; the single biggest challenge that aspiring self-publishers face is the fact that there are many different e-readers out there and no industry-wide formatting standards. The good news is that one particular player so significantly dominates the e-book sales and distribution industry that the choice of which e-book format to use initially is an easy one for self-publishers.

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