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The Top 10.5 Reasons to Publish a Company Newsletter

Do you know why and how you should publish a newsletter? There are a lot of easy ways to do it, but why and how exactly you should? Find out now.

Writing & Publishing a Book – It is Possible If You Do This

Where is your manuscript? Is it also in the drawer, sitting and collecting dust? Perhaps it is still in your mind, being mulled over and thought about every once in a while. Or, perhaps it is actually in your mind – but you have not discovered it yet!

What it Feels Like to Finally Be a Published Author

It’s a day that will be a whirlwind of emotion. A day filled with complete elation and no more second guessing.

Publish Documents Without a Website

It is very easy to publish almost anything if you have a website. But to publish a document you don’t need your own website.

Self Publish My Book

Excellent videos available on YouTube can give you an overview of what getting your book publish may entail. We recommend several of the best.

How to Self Publish Your Book

Many people have written something they feel is good and even publishable. But when they presented it to a publishing firm, it was flatly rejected, perhaps more than once. They get discouraged and wonder if all the trouble was worth it. Yet they feel what they wrote has a message they want to share with others. If this is you, then one viable alternative is to self-publish your work, and here’s some tips on how to do it.

To Get a Novel Published You May Need to Self Publish a Novel

To write a novel is one thing. To get a novel published is quite another. The bad news is that if you can’t show enough likely profit to interest an agent, you may have to publish your own novel. The good news is that it is easy and inexpensive to self publish a novel by print on demand.

Self-Publishing Made Easy

Many writers yearn for their book to become a bestseller; perhaps one that will attract the movie makers. It has happened, but people have won the lottery too; the odds are about the same. By self-publishing there has probably never been a better time for authors to get into print than it is today. Progress and change in publishing has been as revolutionary as it has been in education and entertainment. Self-publishing is now affordable.

Digital Publishing Options Give Aspiring Writers a Chance

Over the past few years, digital reporting has become a social advertising phenomenon. Never in the history of writing has publishing been so easy. The creation and distribution of citizen journalism has become an open community media. Writers come from all walks of life. Moms and daughters, professors and students, corporations and sole-proprietorships have all learned to reap from the cutting edge value of premier digital magazines.

Calling All First Time Authors!

So you’ve been up at all hours of the night putting in your heart and soul to the masterpiece you are in the process of finally completing. A sigh of joy comes when you sign ‘The End’ of your book. So what’s next you’re thinking? Well, you’re a first time author and you want the whole world to read your first book, so you immediately try to contact all the major publishing companies to let them know you have the next Bestseller.

A Guide to Carbon Neutral Publishing

If you’re among the champions for sustainable living and you’re looking for carbon neutral publishing opportunities, you’re in luck. Now more than ever, the publishing industry is joining its neighbours by making a move to go green.

A Quick Guide to Online Publishing

First of all, the cost of online publishing is typically affordable, often free. Online publishers don’t have the overhead that paper publishers do. In addition, online publishers generally make their money off of advertisements and premium accounts, so there is no need for authors or creators to pay large sums in order to publish their documents. Second, online publishing is much easier than traditional publishing. Determining whether or not a print publishing company is reputable can be difficult, and finding a print company willing to take on your work at all can be challenging. Online, however, you not only have the choice of many publishers, but you can view the publisher’s work easily on their web pages. This means that you know what you’re getting into well before you publish.

The Advantages of Digital Publishing

Digital publishing or electronic publishing has gained popularity in the scientific journal community, as well as, other literary genres. In traditional publishing, when an article is submitted for publication it may take months or even years for the article to be accepted into a journal. Since the traditional publication cycle is longer than digital publishing, journalists have sought alternative means to bring their publications to the public faster. Self publishing companies allow the journalists to have complete control over their literary works, as well as, editorial control and other production decisions.

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