The Origins of KneesOverToesGuy

Writing and Publishing for the Internet

The Internet now offers writers an amazing array of online opportunities, from journalism and blogging to online books and novels. As a result, an increasing number of authors are earning their living entirely online.

To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish – Thoughts About Self-Publishing

Out of curiosity, I hosted a survey about self-publishing on a writing site. Many people have self-published their books, others have considered self-publishing, and some would never consider self-publishing.

Publishing Woes – Tips and Thoughts

Most writers want to be published, but what are the obsticles, what can an author do to increase his odds? Did you realize that six (6) major publishing companies, which in turn are owned by giant media conglomerates, have hundreds of imprints (sub-publishing entities) under them?

How to Be a Self-Publishing Millionaire

Self-publishing simply means writing, publishing and marketing your own work, maybe a novel or autobiography, poetry or family history, a newsletter or ‘How To’ book, or any of numerous other writing forms. Self-publishing allows you to write what you want and market it any way you choose. The right titles and topics could earn you a fortune.

New Kind of Publishing Requires a New Kind of Author, Can You Qualify?

For those of you, who have always wanted to write, but got bored with the novel process, it may be time to sit down at your word processor and rethink your abilities.

Creative Writing & Publishing through Ebooks, I Want to Help You Develop Your Natural Writing Talent

The article is about working with a passionate source to publish quality writing work online and to develop your writing brand name, whether you are a student, in full time or part time work or unemployed, id love to work with you if you have a talent for writing books, novels or educational literature.

When to Call the Book Doctor – Inside Advice from a Publishing Professional

Maybe you’ve been getting the message that your book needs editorial work. The message may be coming from that nagging voice inside you, from your dearest friend and critic, from every agent you have submitted the material to, or even, if you are lucky, from a publisher who has committed to the book provided you improve it. No matter the source, if that message is reaching you persistently, then it is probably time to call the book doctor.

How To Write And Publish A Book About Your Historic Neighborhood

What better way to preserve your neighborhood’s history than with a book? It’s a permanent document that can be passed down through the generations, it can bring residents together in the research, writing and photo-gathering, and it can even be used as a fundraiser for the neighborhood’s civic league. Here’s how to embark on such a project.

Personal Perks of Getting Published

A personal account of how getting published helped one Children’s book Author through the darkness. A death and birth: These were the circumstances that sparked the desire to write, to leave a legacy – have a voice.

How to Become a Published Author

Here’s what it takes to become a published author.

Dentists and Book Writing — The Ethical Duty to Publish for the General Public

Dentists have an ethical responsibility to keep their knowledge and skill current. They also have an obligation to report adverse reactions to dental devices and drugs. Writing books is one method of helping other dentists keep their knowledge current, and it is also a way to report adverse reactions to the general public.

Physician Writers and Book Proposals — The Ethical Duty to Publish for the General Public

Physicians have an ethical responsibility to share knowledge with the public and other health care professionals. Writing books is one method of fulfilling that obligation.

How to Get a Book Published – Will a POD Book Help You Get a Book Published?

Many writers believe that a vanity/subsidy publisher will help them get a book published by a commercial book publisher. Unfortunately that’s just not true.

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