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Finding a Good Agent

How do you know the agent your interested in will do the best job representing your manuscript. Learn how to find the best literary agent to represent your work.

Self Publish Your Book

The first thing you need to do when you decide to self publish is make up your mind that you are going to do this regardless of what happens because as you soon as you tell someone else that you are going to be self publishing you are usually going to get some negative comments. You need to have made your decision within your mind and decide to stick to it all the way through.

Options For the Self Publisher

You have the manuscript; now how do you get it published? Here are some thoughts on how to get started.

Do You Really Need an Agent When You Are Ready to Publish Your Book?

A literary agent is one of the most important people in your career as an author. This is a really important decision-so decide wisely and do your research before signing. A good agent will find you a publisher who is the right fit for you and your book, negotiate a great deal and look out for your interests.

9 Step Self-Publishing Process – A Step-By-Step Walk Through to Writing a Book About Your Business

Here are the 9 steps involved with self-publishing a book. Often it seems that the decision to write a book comes well before the knowledge needed to complete the task. In this case it’s having the desire to write a book to market, advertise, and promote a business. So I wanted to take the time to discuss with you exactly step by step what it takes to write and have a book published.

Is This the Break That Self-Publishing Needs to Gain Respectability?

As discussed in other articles, the term self-publishing historically has had a stigma surrounding this method of publishing. When used as a pejorative, a self-published author meant anyone whose work was not good enough to get published by a traditional publishing house.

The 8 Essential Elements of Writing a Winning Book Proposal – How to Get a Book Published

The first step in the publishing process is catching the interest of a book agent and the book publishing company. Your goal is to make them want to publish your book. You accomplish this with your book proposal. Your book proposal should identify what your book is about, how long it is, its target audience, who you are (credibility), etc. Your successful book proposal should contain 8 essential elements.

How to Get a Nonfiction Book Published – A Bulletproof Book Proposal For Publishing Agents

Every book publisher asks five key questions about every project he or she considers. Here’s how to make sure your book proposal gives all the answers, and convince your book agent to help you publish your book.

How to Create a Media Kit

A quick and easy way to create a media kit for your novel. The first page of your press kit should be the Table of Contents.

Should You Self Publish Your Book?

It used to cost a fortune to get a book published, but nowadays it can be done for less than a thousand dollars and most of that budget actually goes to your cover designer. Instead of ordering a thousand or five thousand copies at once you can order one at a time using print on demand publishing.

Publishing a Book Online is Faster and Easier

The easiest way to publish a book these days is through the World Wide Web. That is why most authors choose this route instead of the traditional way.

Tips on Writing – Thoughts on Self-Publishing and Print-On-Demand

There are many reasons to self-publish your written work. At one time, self-publishing was considered “vanity press” and elicited little respect. That attitude has changed as many successful writers have self-published and many self-published books have become best-sellers.

Publish Your Non-Fiction Book – 7 Hints

Publish Your Non-Fiction Book. Here are 7 steps to get you started!

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