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Self Publishing – Is it For You?

Today there are many options available to writers. The traditional publishers face challenges from self-published books, e-publishing and the web. You need to decide what is best for you, and your work. Once you have written something, you usually want other people to read it, whether that is just friends and family or a wider market. Finding the right place for your work means doing some initial research. These notes apply to all writers, both fiction and non-fiction and if you want to self-publish these are the key questions to ask yourself:

Five Things You Must Do Before You Write Your Book

I’ve worked with many people to edit their manuscripts and to create their book proposals, and I’ve found that aspiring authors are often not clear on what they’ll have do to get a book published. Their ideas are usually based on their beliefs about book publishing, or what they’ve seen in movies or TV.

You Can Opt to Get Published on Your Own Or Get a Little Help From an Agent

So many writers are frustrated when it comes to getting their works published. The truth is not every writer who wants to get published has been published.

How to Get Started As a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is one of those jobs that falls into the dream job category. You work where you want, you work when you want, you can choose your jobs and who you work for. What could be better?

How to Annoy Literary Agents When Submitting Your Book!

Writers and authors often wonder how many literary agents they should submit to at one time. Faced with a cut-throat publishing environment, it’s tempting to try to ‘speed up’ the process by sending a mass mail-out. However, this is a strategy to avoid at all costs.

Employee Newsletters That Get Read – 7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Company Newsletter

Do you want your employee newsletter to be eagerly read-or thrown in the trash? Find out what content is necessary to make your company newsletter a success.

When Self Publishing is Not Self Publishing!

Much has changed since the late sixties when I first self-published my set of poems. What I produced then was a book created at the then ‘new’ company called “Kinkos.” This article spells out the meaning of real and total self publishing.

E-Book Publishing Secrets 3 – How to Lock Your E-Book With Boomerang List Builder

The third article in this series on e-book publishing will cover a program called Boomerang List Builder, by Dan Thompson. Boomerang List Builder allows book publishers to lock their books and makes it easy for customers to apply for and get an unlock code for the e-book. This is a must for your security and peace of mind.

Should I Self-Publish My Non-Fiction Book? Or is a Mainstream Publisher Better?

Are you a writer or author? Are you confused by all the publishing choices that are open to you? Here are some simple steps to help you work out the best publishing option for your book.

Choosing a Printer – Options and Advice For Self-Publishers

You’ve written your book. It’s been edited, pages laid out, cover designed, and you have press-ready files. But what about a printer? Here are options you should consider.

5 Reasons to Use a Book Editor

But why, you ask, should I–a writer/good writer/outstanding writer (circle one)–spend my finite supply of money on a book editor? You’ve labored over your best seller–your literary baby–and it’s time now either to self-publish it or to send it off to an agent or publishing house.

For Profit and Pleasure, Consider Self-Publishing

Many best-selling books started out–and many still do–when self published by their author. These authors have many reasons to choose self-publishing. Sometimes people think the only reason an author would ever think of self-publishing is if their book was turned down by a publishing house. That’s simply not the case. It’s not at all surprising, in fact, to hear of authors who choose to bypass publishing houses in favor of self-publishing. And many who do self-publish either make a truly nice profit–or sometimes, even watch their book achieve best seller status.

Real Challenges of an Editor

As most information can be searched in Google, as an editor, I take the challenge of bringing new insights based on available information. Creating a concise presentation of the details requires technique and expertise. This area is what I would like to master.

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