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Self Publishing Your Book? Five Reasons Why You Need a Good Copy Editor

Aspiring authors often have a difficult time getting established publishing companies to look at their manuscripts, which is why many choose to self-publish. The problem is that in the interest of saving money, many self-publishers eliminate a key element from the publishing process – skilled copy editing. That is why there are thousands of poorly-written self-published books on the market, and one of the reasons the literary world has traditionally looked down on self-publishing.

An Interview With a Children’s Book Publisher

Don, the publisher of ‘We Both Read,’ a children’s book series was kind enough to share a bit of information on starting a publishing company. He also gave insight on how parents can get their children interested in reading more.

Get Published – 5 Tips to Take You From Anxious Amateur to Published Pro

Are you looking for ways to become a published author? The bridge from unpublished beginner to published professional starts with a few simple steps that can open up a new world of money-making opportunities and kick start your writing career. These five tips can help you make that transition.

Genre Novels – Word Count Rules, Subgenres, and Guidelines For Getting Your Book Published

How long is a book? How long should a book be? What genre is your book or novel? Are you sure you are marketing your novel correctly?

Seven Mistakes That Will Get Your Novel Rejected

Most new novelists make serious mistakes when they attempt to write fiction. The most common mistakes are in the use of dialogue, back story, description and presentation of characters. The seven mistakes covered in this article will cause immediate rejection by agents and publishers. Learn how to avoid them before you submit your work.

How to Brand Yourself With a Book

Be clear and precise on who or what kind of people you want to reach out your message or story. Consistency on knowing your audience is the foundation and direction for the content of your book.

New Authors Sell Your Book – 4 Forgotten Steps to Making a Sale

Writers are a unique bread who just happen to believe that hard work should earn high reward. But that’s not entirely true, because your work is not done until you complete each and every step needed to earn that income.

Publish Your Book on the Kindle As an Ebook

Ebook sales grow daily and the future is digital content. Your book can be on the Kindle digital book reader within 48 hours. Here’s how.

Want an Easy, Fast, Affordable Way to Get Published? Try an Anthology!

If you are a professional speaker, there is no easier, faster, or more affordable way to get published than by contributing to an anthology. Experience Success by Association! Make money every time you speak by offering an outstanding anthology to your audiences.

Get Known Before the Book Deal – Use Your Personal Strengths to Grow an Author Platform

In today’s publishing world, to land a book deal, an author must have a platform to attract the interest of agents and editors. An author’s platform is all the ways the author is visible. Platform development is important not only for authors, but it’s also crucial for aspiring and soon-to-be authors. So how does an author develop a platform? The answer is provided in “Get Known Before The Book Deal: Use Your Personal Strengths to Grow an Author Platform” by Christina Katz.

Guidelines For Book-Length Manuscripts

Whether you are writing a non-fiction or a fiction book, there are guidelines you must follow, both in creating your text and formatting your manuscript. Help is available in the form of stylebooks that give writers such information as when to capitalize certain words, how to cite sources in text, where to use italics, and so forth.

Sell What You’ve Been Giving Away

You have enough information and experience in your brain right now to turn it into a lifetime stream of income. But right now, it’s just unclaimed money.

Writing and Publishing Articles and Books – Why You Should Do Your Own Publishing For Best Results

Are you thinking about publishing a book or other type of writing? Read on to find out why publishing your own writing may be the fastest and most lucrative way to go.

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