Top Chef’s Philip Frankland Lee on Receiving a Michelin Star

Contract Writing – A High Percentage Method to Get Published

All writers aspire to get published. One way of getting your written word published is to be a contract writer.

Poetry Competitions – How to Win and Get Your Work Published

Guidelines for new poets As a small press editor, I have the pleasure of reading a lot of excellent, new work but I also spend a lot of time explaining to others why they haven’t quite made it. That’s why I’d like to set out publicly the answers to the questions many people have asked about how to go about writing poetry that gets published/wins competitions. I cannot cover all the points that have cropped up but here are the answers to to some that have been asked over and over again, along with a summary of …

Getting Published – Mystery Story Style

Finding a publisher for your mystery story can be as hard as writing your mystery story. There are plenty of markets for literary tales, science fiction, fantasy, and horror, but mystery publishers seem to be few and far between. Or are they?

How to Host a Writing or Publishing Event

Your first question might be: Why should I host a writing/publishing event? The answers are as varied as there are writers. You might be launching a new book and want the publicity such an event would bring. You might be interested in networking with other writers, publishers, editors and readers. You might be a masochist! 🙂

The Rise of Self Publishing

The amazing changes in printing technology has made it possible for self published books to be produced with a level of quality that can rival that of books done by traditional publishers. In the past the look and feel of a self published book was the telltale sign that it wasn’t a “normal” book. The design (of both text and cover) was often poor and the paper sometimes badly cut. These days print on demand companies can offer similar, if not the same, technology used by traditional publishers and they can do it without requiring print runs of thousands of copies that often ended up unsold in authors’ garages and basements.

Tips and Tricks to Self-Publish Your Book

These days, self-publishing your book is almost as good as going through traditional channels. Read this article to learn some of the tricks you can use to maximize the impact of your first book.

Dear Prospective Self-Published Author

Be Encouraged! Self-Publishing is a great thing, an industry that opens you up to a world of possibilities. Just watch out for a few things.

Keys To Success In Publishing Your Own Newspaper

Newspaper publishing offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to live a prosperous and flexible lifestyle, provided that they understand certain keys to succeeding in the publishing industry. Advertising renewals is the key to the dream life in the world of newspaper publishing. Renewals work like this: new advertisers typically sign a contract to place their ad in a predetermined number of issues.

Working With Major Publishing Houses

Getting you book published by one of the major publishing houses lends a lot of credibility your way but there are a number of things you need to keep in mind when dealing with these industry giants. Read this article to understand the process they operate on.

Realities of Publishing Your Own Book

Publishing your own book is the fastest way to build credibility and gain exposure but there are a number of realities you should be aware of before you get started. This is no cheerleading article. This lays out the cold hard facts.

Streamline Your Publishing Process – 7 Key Ways to Finish Your Book!

Some authors feel they don’t have enough material for a complete book. Here are seven easy ways to add material and pages to your published projects.

Getting Published – The Stairway to Writing Heaven

Writers have to cope with many obstacles on the way to publication. This article outlines some mechanisms to smooth the journey.

Whether a Senior or Younger Most Beginners Find the Publishing World Befuddling

Not too long ago the publishing industry was composed of owners and executives devoted to the preservation of quality literature. People who would take risks to introduce new talents and new ideas. Sadly, those lofty principles have fallen victim to the new standard – the bottom line. Today, major publishing houses seldom take risks. They place their money behind sure bets, books about or by show biz celebrities, political figures or other notables, often bypassing highly talented new writers. But there are new alternatives that make it far easier to see your words in print.

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