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The Benefits of Self-Publishing

Should you self-publish or go the traditional publishing route? There are a lot of benefits to self-publishing. Find out why it might be the best way to publish your book.

How to Bind a Book

As a person who self publishes your book, bookbinding is a natural progression. How to bind a book is a good question but a better question would be which binding method to use? Having the book professionally bound is also an option.

Self Publishing – Solving the Quality Problem

Many professions are self regulated. For example, realtors are regulated by the National Association of Realtors and medical practitioners by the American Medical Association. The regulating organizations is composed of members of the profession and has an explicit non profit policy. All members of pay dues and benefit from the quality constraints and consumer trust. How would such an organization improve the quality of self published books?

Branding For Publishers – More Than a Label

Tread carefully when you think about branding your and your book writing. Branding is the most important element necessary for any business. When we shop, we are influenced by branding, whether we know it or not.

Traditional Publishing Versus Self-Publishing – Which Way Should I Go?

Every writer dreams of becoming a best-selling author with a major publisher. For the first-time author, getting a contract with a major publisher may not be as lucrative as one might think. Getting that contract is also very difficult for a new author. Self-publishing may be a viable alternative.

The Self-Help Writer’s Manuscript Review Checklist

When you finish your book, use this checklist to review your manuscript for key mistakes before you submit it to agents or publishers. Clear your mind as much as possible and attempt to read the manuscript with fresh eyes as if you had never seen it before. Scrutinize it for the following:

Does Size Matter? Choosing Your Book’s Size

Choosing what size to make your book can be simple or difficult depending on the kind of book you are writing. Most importantly, you need to consider what your readers will want and what size will make your book sell.

How Experts and Professional Writers Sell Their Books

Before your self-help/how-to book can become a bestseller with readers, you have to sell it to a publisher. You have a better shot at it when you sell your book the way professional writers do. Professionals Do not write books first and then sell them and you Do not have to either. Instead, you can sell your book first and then write it.

Why Your Expertise Weighs Heavily With Publishers

Publishers are always actively looking for self-help and how-to books written by those with expertise. Publishers know that the vast audience that watches television talk shows and can make a book a bestseller is far more impressed when a book is written by someone with special “inside knowledge” of a subject.

Publisher Input Before Writing

Writing a Proposal and Sample Chapter also has other advantages. Sometimes the publisher may like your ideas, but not your approach to writing the book. Obviously, publishers feel more comfortable about suggesting you make basic changes in your book when you’ve only written a few pages, instead of an entire manuscript.

Your Book Could Be a Huge Success Or a Total Flop

Whether your book is a huge success or a total flop, Do not stop there. Write another book. That may seem as if it ought to be obvious advice but it is not. I once went back through Publisher’s Weekly, the trade magazine of the publishing field, and looked at the ads for authors’ first books over a ten-year period.

You Can Not Convince Publishers

You can not convince publishers that even spiritually-minded writers who seek out books with the above title will want to read more about inner creativity than about the nuts-and-bolts of “depth writing” and the steps that will carry them forward to a finished manuscript. And as noted earlier, people who want a book on the transformation of the soul will not be looking in the writing section and will not want to read a book with so much material addressed specifically to writers and their problems.

Book Publishing – Who Does What to Get Your Book Published

I wanted to write about the confusion between a “publisher” and “publishing”. Many new authors find themselves confused about what the difference is and the cost to them can mean thousands of dollars both up front and on the back-end of each and every sale of their book.

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