What the Duke Lacrosse Case Says About Journalism

Business Tips for Authors

Once a writer becomes a published author, he or she also becomes a small business owner. Authors may not want to be businesspeople, but the most successful authors have good business skills and learn how to balance their writing with their business activities, realizing that even writing is a business investment and activity that should produce dividends.

Fundamental Facts About How To Make A Comic Book

Interested in learning how to make a comic book? Discover the step by step guide to making comic books. Learn what is involved in creating comics for fun and profit.

How to Self-Publish a Fiction Book and Sell Millions of Copies

Writing a successful fiction book means creating a great story that fills the need for the unexpressed emotions, feelings and desires of the reader. The whole process of writing and publishing can be described in 7 steps.

To Get An Agent Or Not To Get An Agent

You don’t need an agent to self-publish. You generally do need one to get a major publisher. Sometimes publishing companies approach you if you have established yourself as an expert in your field.

How to Self-Publish a Non-Fiction Book and Become a Successful Author

Self-publishing process of a successful non-fiction book can be subdivided in 7 logical steps. I use this process in writing my books and it proved to be very useful. Also, I know many other prominent authors who follow these steps religiously while creating their books.

5 Tips for Getting Your Scholarly Book Published

It’s no secret that venues for scholarly publication, especially in the humanities, have constricted in the last twenty years. Fiscal pressures have compelled many academic institutions to retrench.

Key Tips For Submitting Your Manuscript to Publishers and Literary Agents

So, you are sitting there with your completed manuscript – all beautifully checked, edited, proof read, type-set and ready to be sent off to the a range of publishers or literary agents. Great – what an achievement! This is definitely an event in life that should be celebrated…that of completing a book.

Christian Self Publishing Secrets Revealed

A considerable number of people all around the world are either writing a manuscript, planning to write one, or holding on to that finished piece without knowing how to get a respectable audience to read it. There can be many publishing portals for fiction, biographies, music, cooking, and all other subject matter. However, Christian literature is a completely separate and unique genre that must be given just the right amount of effort and attention to be noticed and have a voice to tower all others blaring and screaming in today’s modern world.

How to Get Your Book Published Quickly

Hundreds of thousands of unpublished authors today have manuscripts waiting in a pile at a publishing house somewhere to be noticed. Some of them did, but couldn’t get through the next pile; others never will. Out of all the potential books out there, maybe two or three can make it to fame and fortune in the next few years.

Create Success and Save Cash With Online Book Publishing

Since the advent of the Internet, people have practically created a separate virtual world where everything real is converted into electronic signals that allow anyone with a computer to go anywhere and see anything through the four corners of the monitor. With this network of interconnected computers, there is instant access to virtually anything from food and clothes to parties and travel destinations.

How to Shop For Christian Publishing Houses

Most new writers look for a publisher once they finish their manuscripts. The most common problems encountered with publishers are the instances of the work being instantly rejected, or — they will publish the book but will gain more income than you will.

Insider Secrets About Christian Book Publishers

It is not easy to make a Christian book popular to people. First, people have different religions, so a Christian book could only sell to other Christians. Second, there are not too many advertising gimmicks related to Christian books. So how would you bring your book to the highest niche? Here are some secrets to be successful with Christian books publishers.

The Facts About On Demand Book Publishing

Some people are planning to their own books because of the benefits these can give them. By writing your own books, you will get recognition from readers from different parts of the world and earn a residual income easily.

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