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How Writing Can Elevate and Accelerate Your Business

Writing whether it be for blogs, articles, eBooks or paperback books can tremendously boost your exposure, credibility and expert status. Even writing comments in social media platforms and niche groups can rapidly move your business forward.

Freelance Copywriters – The Right Resource for Your Project

Anytime you work with a resource on a project, you want to get the best deal possible for the money you spend. If you want to work with a copywriter, using a freelance copywriter can be a great way to get your money’s worth – and then some. Freelance copywriters usually have all the skills, or even more, than copywriters who are on the payroll for an advertising agency.

The Best Way To Work With Freelance Copywriters

If you have an important project coming up that requires the services of a professional writer, you might decide to hire a freelance copywriter. This can be a very smart decision on your part. Professional freelance copywriters have the skills needed to make your content writing project a success.

Get Published! A Great Hook Means Great Success

Don’t make the mistake of thinking a hook is the title and the subtitle. It’s much bigger than that. This article will tell you what a hook is…and how to create a top-selling hook for your book.

Get Published! What Is a Hook and How Have Other Successful Authors Created Theirs?

In this article you will discover what a hook is and see successful hooks that other authors have created to make their books into top sellers. Most people think the “hook” is the title and subtitle. But that’s not quite right. A hook is the overarching concept or theme that will be used not only in your title and subtitle, but in every aspect of the book. The hook will shape the reading lines on the cover of your book, in your section and chapter titles, in the terms you use throughout the book, and the examples you use to illustrate your ideas. Your hook will also be translated into visual form through the design of the cover and inside page layout. Broaden your vision of a hook beyond the title and subtitle to include all other aspects of your book’s structure, content, and promotion.

Get Published! Why Your Book Needs a Solid Structure and How to Create One

The structure of your book is the skeleton. The content of what you write is the skin. If you mismatch your book’s structure with the content, you’ll have a book that is very hard to read and provides minimal benefit. And if you don’t have a structure at all, your book will be a shapeless, confusing blob. This article offers aspiring author the reasons why creating the right structure is essential to success, and offers 6 steps to create a great outline.

Get Published! The Writer’s Biggest Challenge

A book may be linear, but life isn’t. Your challenge is to capture your life experience and turn it into a linear progression of words that help your readers solve a problem. This article explores the issues involved in this challenge.

Write a Bestseller! 3 Important Questions About Your Readers – Part 2 of 3 on Knowing Your Audience

To become the author of a bestselling self-help book, you must realize that there is a difference between what you think these people need and what they actually want. You might think that parents of tantruming children need to learn your parenting technique, but if the parents don’t think they could benefit from your program, you have no audience to buy your book. This article asks three important questions you need to answer about your audience to get your book published and purchased.

Get Published: 4 Tips to Create a Great Hook

Why waste your time writing a self-help book that no one notices? You need a great hook to get the attention your book deserves. To create a great hook, one that can catapult your book to bestseller status, you need a combination of words that speak directly to the heart of your readers. Words are the building blocks of writing. Use my 4 step process to help you generate as many words and phrases as possible.

Get Published! How NOT to Create a Hook

Ready to learn from my mistake? Let’s look at a hook of mine that didn’t work so well. It’s a hook that failed–not only once but twice! Thankfully, I learned a lot about writing hooks from that experience, which I’m sharing with you!

Self-Publishing Tips – 5 Tips For Publishing Your Book Online

Once there was a time when online ebook writing was never considered a part of writing books. Writers had to rummage for a good publisher throughout the whole city, through an extensive search process. But now the time has changed, and the keys to the top freelance writing opportunities can be achieved by noting down the following self publishing tips:

Potential to Make Money As an Author – Part 1: Traditional Publishing

Is is possible to make money publishing books with a traditional publisher? How hard is it? How many books do I have to sell? Are there other publishing options? These questions and more will be answered in this article.

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Publishing

The sequence you use to format for the distribution channels that you have selected will minimize your workload and reduce errors that creep in with formatting changes. For many authors, eBooks are an afterthought. They’ve created their hardback or paperback book and then decided to publish an eBook counterpart.

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