Why Does Chris Pratt Get So Much Online Hate?

Tips on How to Query a Book Publisher

Your first step in querying a publisher should be to order the book Writer’s Market. The book is available through Amazon.com for about $30.

The Greater Flexibility of Publishing With E-Books

These days, rather than go to paper and ink, everyone from corporate presentation givers to best selling novelists is taking the electronic path to publication. E-books have afforded so much flexibility to the publishing process that they have practically unlimited applications and uses, and it seems that they are just getting started in terms of their power to promote writers of all kinds and every conceivable genre.

Magazine Subscriptions Save Readers a Chunk of Cash

The price of magazines is often enough to change our minds about buying one or not but reduced prices for subscriptions often encourage readers to make a longer term commitment. This long time trend is also making its way online and at even better costs to us consumers.

Digital Publishing As an Alternative For Authors and Businesses

The electronic age has affected every element of life and business with this influence now playing a big part in publishing as well. Digital publishing can offer writers and businesses a wealth of benefits over the more traditional methods.

Self Publish Books, Magazines and Brochures

Getting written work has become more difficult as the number of writers grows and as publishers become more selective. But aspiring authors, writers and even businesses who wish to publish papers or documents has a fantastic alternative, self publishing.

How E-Book Technology Can Help Promote Writers

The world of publishing, especially as it applies to writers and authors has changed dramatically over the past several years. See how new technology can help promote today’s writers.

20 Things to Do Before You Self-Publish

Before you self-publish your book, there are a few things you need to do to save yourself money and time. Here are the first 20 on the to-do list to make you a successful, published author.

Self Publishing Costs – Tips to Self Publishing Your Book Fast and Cheap

Did you know that you can publish (with world-wide distribution) your book for an insanely cheap price? How cheap? Under $20, if you can believe it.

Why You Should Consider Self-Publishing

After many years of “second-class citizen” status, self-publishing has more recently emerged as a respected, viable and even preferable option – especially for new authors. There are many reasons to consider publishing your own book versus going the traditional route.

Self-Publisher’s 5 Minute Guide to Book Printing Methods

When authors decide to publish their own books, they need to find out about the options open to them. This article explains the three major printing methods, how they are used, and describes which printing process to use for different kinds of books.

The Top Options For Book Publishing

At one time, many believed that there was only one viable option for publishing your book, and that was to approach the large publishing houses. Fortunately, the publishing landscape has changed over the past few years, and this assumption is no longer true.

Print Your Own Book? A Look at Print on Demand

In many ways, print on demand technology has revolutionized the way in which the publishing industry operates. If you have plans to print your own book, here are a few things to think about.

To Self-Publish Or Not to Self-Publish

You’ve got a book manuscript and you’re dying to see it in print. What should you do next? What are the odds of a commercial publisher giving you a fat contract? Should you publish and promote it yourself? This article helps answer these questions.

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