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10 Vital Methods to Publishing a Book Like a Pro

Novice authors are quite interested in publishing a book to exhibit their writing skills and earn money as well. This undertaking is usually seen as something for the elite or the lucky writer; however it does not mean getting your book into print is unattainable. In fact, there are many ways to achieve a successful career in book publishing.

The Secrets of Book Publishing Everyone Needs to Know!

Getting your book published is easier now than ever before. This article, by an author and professional ghostwriter, who has worked with many publishing houses, discusses the three methods you can use to see your dream of writing a book become a reality.

The Dynamics Of Self Publishing – Part One

For many writers the dream is to be able to get their message across to their readers without the bother or cost of editors and publishers. Being able to write without restrictions is a great concept for any author, many find the thought quite liberating and it is a stimulating notion in the dynamics of self publishing.

The Truth About Publishing A Novel

There are significant barriers to publication that often seem impossible to overcome. The good news, however, is that technology has leveled the playing field, giving previously unpublished authors the opportunity to reach a large base of readers.

Designing Your Book Cover

When shopping for books, people really do judge a book by its cover. Designing your book cover in a way that stands out can make the difference in making your book attractive to shoppers, in stores or online.

How To Self Publish A Book – Five Key Points

Here are five key points to guide you when you are seeking information about how to self publish a book. Each one of these is an important step on your road to success.

Become a Published Author – Publishing Yourself on the Kindle and the Nook

Advancing your business by becoming a published author has become simpler than ever now that you can self-publish eBooks on the Kindle and the Nook almost effortlessly. You can do so without a middle man, without a publisher, and essentially free – as neither Amazon or Barnes and Noble charge for publishing on their systems. They do take a cut, of course, of your sales, but in the end, you still end up with more of your money than you would if you published the traditional route.

What Book Piracy Means to an Author

Thanks to the Kindle and Nook readers, electronic books have come into prominence in the last few years, though eBooks have been around much longer – for more than a decade. I have been fortunate to witness the birth of the contemporary eBook publishing industry as an author, editor, and publisher, and am amazed by its growth. Many people I know who wouldn’t touch a book I wrote because it was only available in eBook format now ask me where they can purchase it for their digital readers. While I’m happy to benefit from this change in mindset, though, I’ve noticed many fellow authors currently suffer certain downsides to the ease of electronic publishing, namely piracy.

5 Keys To Writing Online Press Releases That Pull In Readers

With the recent Google Panda updates, publishing press releases online has become an even more viable SEO option. They are very different from article publishing, however. This article explores ways to use press releases as promotional tools to really capture readers.

How to Solicit Advertisers for a New Magazine

Magazine publishing is not just about fun articles and pretty pictures. Publishing is a business and advertisers want results. In this article learn three ways to track print advertising results.

Steps to Publishing a Book

If you’re considering self publishing, the following is a list of steps to publishing a book from start to finish. Your book is like a business. To be profitable, you have to ensure you follow the rules of book production.

Publishing Your First Magazine: How Many Should You Print?

When publishing your magazine on a very tight budget, you must be mindful of your biggest cost,printing. In this article I cover major items of consideration when deciding how many magazines you should print for your first issue of your niche or regional magazine.

Self-Publishing – Not for Sissies!

Are you battling to get published? Considering self-publishing? Curious how it is done? Read this first…. to understand that it is a journey. A (mostly) point-wise summary of our experiences, from unpublished author to small publishing company.

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