Why Megan Murphy Was Banned from Twitter for Life

Designing E-Books for the Virtual Bookshelf

Book design is about so much more than the cover these days. Today you have to know the dos and don’ts of digital formatting and publishing – e-books. Learn the five rules in this informative article.

How Not to Find a Literary Agent

As a writer, I can completely relate to your enthusiasm. You have finally finished your novel, and you can’t wait to see it published and in your hands with a cover, your author photo on the back…the works. The publishing landscape has changed greatly in the last year, however, with digital books on the rise and sales via online outlets exploding. Many writers have taken to self-publishing their works in order to maintain control over their books, but this doesn’t necessarily represent the full future of the industry. Not all author wish to go this route and continue to see representation to pitch their books to large presses. If your dream is to publish through a house like Random House or Simon and Schuster, you need an agent.

How to Get Published

If there’s one thing any aspiring author never stops wondering, it’s how to get published. As a published non fiction author, and full time freelance writer, I’ve been through the process, and I thought I would share my experiences with you.

Self-Publishing Solutions

A list of 5 self-publishing companies for those wishing to bypass traditional publishers. These publishers offer no-cost options as well as low-cost publishing packages.

How to Prepare a Manuscript For Submission to Publishers

Once you’ve finished writing your manuscript you’d be forgiven for thinking that the hard work ends there; in actual fact if you want to stand even half a chance of securing publishing success then you need to work very hard to prepare your manuscript for submission to publishers. The first task is of course to at least proofread or if not copyedit your entire manuscript.

Manuscript Submission – Is Hard Copy Or E-Mail Preferred?

You’ve spent months, maybe even years writing, re-writing, editing and proofreading your manuscript and finally it’s ready to be submitted to publishers; unfortunately it is at this stage that many great manuscripts end up unpublished simply because they have been submitted in the incorrect format, and unfortunately there is no one hard and fast rule about whether a hard copy or an emailed manuscript is the best way to go. Anyone who has ever approached publishers in an attempt to get their manuscript published will know that each publisher has their own set of rules and expectations about what a submission should look like.

5 New Writer Pitfalls

From a writer/editor perspective, the reality of being a new writer is full of pitfalls. New writers (and even some with experience) view publishing with rose-colored glasses. Publishing your novel becomes the end-all in the game and few think beyond it. Here are the REAL top five career pitfalls for new (or any) writers, whether self-published or traditional.

Give the Gift That Only You Can Give

Create a gift that will be treasured by your family and friends for generations. Every family needs a story teller, a keeper of lore, someone who writes down all the wonderful, exciting, and mundane events that have occurred during your and your relatives’ lives.

A Self-Publishing Step-By-Step Checklist

Self-publishing successfully involves many steps, and especially for first-time authors, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by thoughts of “What should I do when?” Many authors write the book, then assume it will sell itself, but thinking about marketing while writing, and producing quality in every step of the process will better prepare the book to meet its potential audience.

What Publishers Look For in a Query Letter

Having worked for several years as an acquisitions editor for a small press, I believe I have seen a few thousand, if not more, queries come into my e-mail inbox. That said, I am sure I have seen many examples of how not to write a query, as well as the rare few that inspired me to open the manuscript. If you are serious about submitting a book to a publisher or agent, and having said industry expert offer you a contract, you need the right hook that gets your book read and evaluated. It is not uncommon for editors and agents to pass on a project based upon a poorly structured query.

Writing, Publishing, Creativity, and Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving rolls around this year I am thinking about a talk I just gave to a group of writers. I was telling them about my decisions and struggles to become a writer myself, the efforts to write during breaks at work, the need to promote my writing and how I finally made the jump to become a publisher nearly twenty years ago.

Are EBooks Taking Over Paper Books?

The demise of paper books at the hands of their more modern digital counterparts have been announced as a done fact for years, but fact is, people still buy paperbacks and enjoy the feeling of picking a real book from the shelves of a bookstore. Are eBooks taking over paper books? Not really, but they are without a doubt giving them a run for their money.

Readers Against Indie-Publishing – The Wrong Battle Is Being Fought

Recently I’ve been following a discussion on the Amazon forums about how to avoid indie authors. When I saw the title, I frowned, and clicked into it to begin reading. Considering the title, negativity was expected, but it was pretty harsh at times.

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