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How to Get Your Book Self Published

Do you have an idea for a book that you’ve always wanted to publish? If so, you might want to consider self publishing your book. This article tells you everything you need to know about the self publishing process.

Become an Authority in Your Field – 14 Ways to Grow Your Business by Publishing a Book

As an author you can gain instant recognition as an expert in your field. Here are 14 ways you can leverage a book to grow your business.

How Hardback Book Binding Works

Have you ever wondered how hardback book binding works? If you have ever wanted to become an author of a self-published book and were curious how the book publishing printers do it, read this article.

How to Sell Your Book and Receive 100% of the Sale Price

Self publishing is good way to increase your sales and also helps to save third party publishing cost. This way, author becomes a publisher at the same time by implementing all publishing activities. He can also invent and apply several marketing techniques to promote and sell his books.

Easy to Read Fonts in Newsletters

The fonts you use in your mailing will determine how legible your text is, give your words emphasis, set mood and emotion behind those words, and make your newsletter cohesive. Any font used in your newsletter has to be available on your subscriber’s computer in order for it to be displayed properly. For this reason you need to ensure that the font you are using is commonly used on the majority of your subscriber’s computers so that your mailing looks the same for everyone.

Copywriting – Where to Get Paid Jobs and Projects

Copy writing is a job that can be easily done from home if you know the right places to start. Here are some sites where you can start from along with some useful tips.

Having a Multicolored Full Color Printing

You will want some attractive reading materials for marketing, research or perhaps advertising. You should consider having it in full color printing. You will certainly notice the effect it has on people.

Road Map to Publication 2009

However bad the Old Year – and for some of us 2008 was grim – New Year’s Day dawns and the spirits lift because New Year holds infinite possibility. It’s a time when we believe we can choose what we’ll write on the blank page of the year before us. We dare to hope for better.

How to Self Publish Your First Cookbook

A cookbook is a great way to get into the self-publishing world, and you can come up with your own great recipe for success. By coming up with a unique idea and then self-publishing, you can earn millions, all into your own pocket.

How Do I Get Published As a Writer?

The process of getting published is demanding and as a writer, you’ll be subject to a lot of competition. This article looks at how you can increase your chances of getting published, with many useful resources for finding tips and further advice.

How Do Distributors and Wholesalers Differ As They Move Your Book to Market?

The way books move from the printer to bookstores and libraries confuses many inexperienced authors. They don’t realize that these users do not order directly from an author or a publisher. Books are sold through either (or both) a distributor and a wholesaler, and each has a very specific function.

The Protocol of Successfully Submitting Your Book

There are basic considerations that must be followed when submitting a manuscript to an agent or a publisher. Inevitably a number of authors stumble because they allow their ego to undermine their presentation. Beware of these pitfalls and your chances of publication will increase, possibly even double.

Succeeding As a Writer – Confidence and Determination

When I’ve written something, and the words have just flowed, I sometimes feel like I’m looking down on the Seventh Day, basking in the warmth of my creation and proclaiming, It Is Good. I’ll feel like I’ve captured the emotion and the angst; or the flavor, color, and texture of the world I envisioned. The characters will be as real as Real People to me.

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