Yeonmi Park Details Horrific Effects of North Korean Starvation

POD Costs and Profits Using Amazon and Lightning Source

Here is a financial analysis for self-publishers of what is involved in selling a book using Amazon and Lightning Source. Here Amazon is the retailer for our books, and Lightning is the printer and distributor for our books. This analysis will show you how much money you will get for each book that you sell on Amazon’s website when you use Lightning Source as your printer and distributor. This will also help you understand how Amazon and Lightning take their cut of your book’s cover price, and what money you end up getting.

Canadian Author Profile: A Look At the Work of Marina Cohen

In all my reading of Canadian novels, the impetus of writers from Southern Ontario toward the Southern Ontario Gothic is one that I love coming back to again and again. Is it any wonder then that reading the two most recent YA novels written by Marina Cohen, who is a master of the genre, would spark so much interest and enthusiasm in me?

Blogging, Marketing, Selling and You

All enlightened self-interest is altruistic; if you want to sell, even if you just want to be noticed, give service to others, success will come. This article offers a personal experience.

The 10 Pros of Self-Publishing

Here are 10 great reasons that explain why self-publishing is a great thing to get into. Now, more than ever before, self-publishing can be a fascinating, quick, and profitable way to improve your career and bank account at the same time.

Using Testimonials and Endorsements to Promote Your Book: A Guide For Self-Publishers

Testimonials and endorsements must be an integral part of your self-published-book promotion program. These testimonials and endorsements should be shown and used everywhere and anywhere you have an opportunity to show them. Here are a few excellent suggestions.

24 Websites for Managing, Promoting, and Marketing Your Self-Publishing Business

Here is a list of websites that you must know about when starting out as a self-publisher. Most of the sites listed are considered to be the biggest names in the industry.

How Do I Choose the Best Publishing Software for My Newspaper or Magazine?

Why do you have to get your business online? How do you do it? What is a content management system? How much internet experience do I need to get in the mix? This article covers what what to look for, where to look and how to determine what features will best serve your publishing needs as you grown the online arm of your publishing business.

E-Document And E-Book Costs And Profits Using Scribd

Here is a financial analysis for self-publishers of what is involved in selling an e-document and e-book using Scribd. This analysis will show you how much money you will get for each book that you sell on Scribd’s website. This will also help you understand how Scribd takes their cut of your e-document’s and e-book’s cover price, and what money you end up getting.

Self-Publishing: Six Questions to Ask When Choosing a Book Manufacturer

If you are planning to self-publish a book you have written, there are a number of decisions you will need to make. One of them is, “What book manufacturing company will you select to produce your book?” To help you in your search, here are six questions you should consider when evaluating a company to print and bind your book.

The 10 Commandments of Becoming A Financially Successful Self-Publisher

Here is a list of what I believe are the most important rules to make sure that you will be financially successful self-publisher. Doing all the steps will make your book look great, be well respected among your peers and readers, and greatly improve your chances of financial success.

What Is Stopping You From Writing Your eBook?

It is only natural human instinct to question or doubt what we do. But, those who allow that doubt to constantly prevent us from achieving our goal of becoming a published author should carefully analyze what the reason is that stops us from taking that next step. This article has been written with a list of common excuses why people never follow through with writing an eBook.

Publishing for Kindle – It’s Not As Hard As You Think to Get Started With Kindle Publishing

Have you considered publishing for Kindle? You may be intimidated by the idea that it would take a whole book, but fear not. Kindle publishing is a lot easier than you think.

Understand The Steps Required To Publish Books

When the publishing of books get mentioned, many people drop the topic like a hot cake simply because it is perceived as a task that is tedious and difficult to do but nothing can be farther from the truth especially in this age of technology and information. Let us lay out in clear terms the steps that are required to publish books today. Everyone has knowledge and skill in one thing or the other and documenting those skills in written form is a great way to preserve the knowledge, expertise and experience that surround them.

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